10 Trails You Like More Than Me – 2017 Edition

CAMBA Cable Cluster, Cable, WI

Sweet singletrack in the CAMBA Cable Cluster--too bad it is surrounded by a maze of wide, boring, poorly mapped xc ski, snowmobile and ATV trails, not to mention new housing development.
Sweet singletrack in the CAMBA Cable Cluster–too bad it is surrounded by a maze of wide, boring, poorly-mapped XC ski, snowmobile, and ATV trails, not to mention new housing development (photo: trnelson)

I had long heard about an outstanding organization known as the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) who had done an incredible amount of work building a number of high quality mountain bike networks in northern Wisconsin.  When touring the upper midwest, sampling their wares became a top priority.  I started with the Cable Cluster because I was able to find a nice B&B adjacent to the trails.

What I found was the most spaghetti plate-like hodgepodge of trails I’d ever seen.  There were cross country ski trails, ATV trails, snowmobile trails… but where’s the singletrack? What’s more, there was no map that accurately represented the area. The CAMBA website had a very nice looking map of the bike trails, but it didn’t portray all the other trails, where they intersected, or how to navigate them. What’s more, many intersections in the trail system had maps posted, but they only depicted the other trails, not the bike trails!  I eventually found some quality singletrack, but burned a couple hours of aimless wandering before I got to it, all in the the most gawdawful humidity I’ve ever experienced, including my time in Alabama and Florida.  To top it all off, when I was really enjoying the singletrack it suddenly dumped me into some new road construction, presumably for a coming residential development.

I had hoped to hit the Namakagon Cluster, but by the time I found my way through the various detours and back to the B&B, it was well past dinner time and daylight was getting scarce.  I understand the Namakagon Cluster is a better network and I would love to go back and give it a chance, but could somebody please turn down the humidity?

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