10 Trails I Like More Than You – 2017 Edition

Rockstacker, Moab, UT

One of the many entertaining features on the Rockstacker trail in Moab's Amasa Back area (photo: gToe)
One of the many entertaining features on the Rockstacker trail in Moab’s Amasa Back area (photo: gToe)

With the creation of the Hymasa climb and the Captain Ahab descent, the Amasa Back trail system vaulted to the top of Moab’s already amazing portfolio. With Hymasa and Ahab making a perfect natural loop, the new classic route was sealed. However, another addition to the network, the relatively ignored Rockstacker, is my personal favorite.

This trail has some of the most entertaining features I’ve ever seen on any trail. Beginning with an awesome giant rock roller, followed by plenty of ledgy, tight and twisty, adding in some challenging step ups breaking up the otherwise relentless downhill, and topping it off with some  positively wicked tight switchbacks, Rockstacker provides more variety than its more famous neighbor.

But here’s the really good news: it’s not an either/or proposition. Rockstacker can easily be incorporated into a Hymasa/Ahab day.  At the top of Hymasa, merely continue on the original Amasa Back trail to Rockstacker, ride Rockstacker until the cutoff back to Amasa Back, and then proceed onto Captain Ahab for the coolest figure 8 on the planet. The total route is still only about 16 miles (albeit a rather taxing 16 miles), so it’s quite doable. I can’t imagine hitting Amasa without making Rockstacker part of my day.

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