10 Trails I Like More Than You – 2017 Edition

Woods Gulch, Missoula, MT

Woods Gulch Steve Shupe Flickr
A hiker enjoys the descent off the top of Missoula’s Woods Gulch in the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area (photo: Steve Shupe/flickr)

Missoulans have plenty of trails to choose from so it’s not surprising modest little Woods Gulch misses out on some of the love. It’s only about five miles and has no specific characteristics within that limited distance to make it stand out. So why do I mention it?

It’s the perfect quickie.

The climb is steep enough to get the heart rate up, nice and steady throughout its length, and goes quickly. On the other side, the descent is fast and furious, blazing through a beautiful pine forest with just a few slowdowns along the way, and all on hero dirt. It’s the perfect after work ride, and if you hit it when you’ve got more time, it’s easy to add on other trails in the wonderful Rattlesnake National Recreation Area.

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