10 Trails I Like More Than You – 2017 Edition

Rimrock/Little Spearfish, Spearfish, SD

Singletrack in a beautiful grassy meadow on in the Black Hills' Little Spearfish trail (photo: Nursadran)
Singletrack in a beautiful grassy meadow on the Black Hills’ Little Spearfish trail (photo: Nursadran)

Truth be told, the entire Black HIlls region of South Dakota is underrated as a mountain bike destination. Within the region, there are trails which remain underrated even relative to the rest of the Black Hills. Among them is this wonderful pair of trails which make a marvelous figure eight. These trails bob and weave through the most welcoming pine forest and periodically throw a rugged descent or challenging but doable climb at the rider. Do one for a quickie or both for a solid ride, or even add on the Old Baldy Trail for more mileage and spectacular views. Rimrock has the more tech and Little Spearfish is consistently fast. Even the water bars are fun, as they are the perfect height for airing it out and they are perfectly spaced to get into a rhythm: launch, land, recover, and repeat a dozen times or more.

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