Finding Flow with Flat Pedals – MTB Skills

Both flats and clipless pedals have their pros and cons, and there's no right or wrong answer for mountain biking. Skills coach Carol Baldwin shares her tips for finding flow on the trail.

Carol Baldwin is the founder of Flownetic MTB Skills and is a PMBIA Level 3  certified mountain bike skills instructor. She’s also a Singletracks contributor and product tester. 

In this podcast we ask Carol:

  • Have you alway mountain biked with flat pedals?
  • Was it difficult to switch from clipless to flat pedals? Why?
  • What are the advantages of flat pedals compared to clipless?
  • What are the disadvantages of flats compared to clipless pedals?
  • Are bigger and/or wider pedal platforms better?
  • What’s the right number of pins per side?
  • What is your favorite shoe, or type of shoe for mountain biking?
  • What is your favorite flat pedal?
  • Are aluminum pedals better than composite?
  • Are there certain types of rides that are better or worse for flat pedals?
  • For people who have only used flats, is it worth giving clipless a try?
  • Is riding on flats more fun?

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