In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, Greg and I discuss the best places to mountain bike in California. We’ll share our picks for the best bike parks, backcountry rides, and urban trail systems that are begging to be explored by bike. Whether you’re a native Californian or you’re planning a trip, tune in for our recommendations.

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  • Kid Charlemagne

    As a friendly suggestion, if you would either provide text with most of the content along with the podcast itself or post an article summarizing the podcast some time later, that would be helpful to many of your readers.

    People have different styles of being able to absorb information… Some can remember everything they hear while others retain information best by reading it. I’m one of those people who has a great memory for the written word but I can’t remember anything I’ve heard just a few minutes later. At work I have to take voluminous notes in meetings and re-read them in order to figure out what I’ve signed up to do. At home, my significant other has learned that texting me reminders for something I need to do later works far better than calling me on the phone or asking me in person.

    So podcasts are completely useless to me, and I invariably ignore articles with a podcast lacking any text detail on the content of the recording. But I’d happily read anything you guys publish that has a reasonable summary of the podcast, even if it’s a separate article that comes out a couple of days after you post a podcast.

  • Mark Rocco

    Jeff, thanks for your feedback to Kid Charlemagne. I also very seldom listen to blogs because of the time factor. Posting the links to the articles discussed is a great help!!!

    I am new to the sport and trying to absorb as much as I can. I live in Laguna Beach, CA and plan on visiting some of the site you mentioned.

    Mark Rocco

  • Nick Buck

    Nice job guys. Living in california, it was pretty funny hearing non-california guys’ take on the trails here. Maybe you were running out of time by the time you got to the San Diego area, but the scene here is pretty darn good. Noble Canyon is a good call as a destination ride, but plenty more good stuff to enjoy here too. Also, my fave in California is Kernville for a lot of reasons. That’s something to put on your list for next time!

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