30(!) Offline Mountain Bike Brands You Can Buy From Online Retailers

So many bike brands available for purchase online nowadays including Santa Cruz, Niner, Pivot, Devinci and more.

Buying a mountain bike online is still a relatively new concept, especially among the big brands like Specialized, Trek, and Giant. But much to our surprise, we found 30 mountain bike brands, including Santa Cruz, Yeti, Niner, and Pivot, that are currently selling at least some of their bikes online to consumers. Here are the brands we found that sell their bikes by both dealers (offline) AND third party online retailers, ordered alphabetically, with info about where you can purchase these brands online.

Note 1: We aren’t including online-only brands in this round-up, but look for those in this direct-to-consumer MTB brands list

Banshee Bikes

Banshee Legend DH Jenson Bike

The Banshee bike brand has been around for many years and many of their bikes, including the Legend DH rig, are indeed legendary. JensonUSA is currently selling four Banshee models, including the Spitfire, Darkside, Rune, and Phantom. And although these bikes are being offered at 25% off (or more) their suggested retail prices, don’t mistake these Banshee rigs for low end–expect to shell out over $3,000.

Breezer Bikes


The venerable brand founded by none other than himself, mountain bike pioneer Joe Breezer, is proving itself to be a progressive brand by embracing online sellers like PerformanceBike.com.



REI offers several Cannondale mountain bike models for sale on their website, with a wide variety for both men’s and women’s mountain bikes. You can often find a deal on last years model, saving up to 30% on popular models like Cannondale Habit and Bad Habit 27.5+ bike.  Many of the Cannondale bikes REI sells are online exclusives, meaning you won’t even find these models in the stores.


The Charge Midi 27.5+

We found the Charge Cooker Singlespeed for sale on Amazon.



Online retailer evo has a huge selection of Devinci bikes available for purchase. evo has flagship stores in Seattle, Portland, and Denver giving you the opportunity to demo one of the fine Canadian-made Devinci Troy Carbon on Django Carbon bikes. Or, shop for a Devinci mountain bike at Jenson USA and Competitive Cyclist.



Sure, you may associate Diamondback with certain discount retail outlets in the US, but the company still makes many high-end mountain bikes. And much to our surprise, you can actually buy many of these bikes online–at Diamondback.com, REI.com, and Amazon.com. And yes, you can get two-day Prime shipping on a new Diamondback Release.



Order that new Ellsworth Ephiphany you’ve been dreaming about on Ellsworth’s website and you can select concierge delivery to your home or work.

⭐️Find a deal on an Ellsworth mountain bike



Honestly Fuji isn’t a huge brand in the mountain bike world, but the name is recognizable, and their line of cross country machines (both hardtail and FS) is fairly deep. You can find Fuji bikes online at Performance Bike.



Ghost is a German mountain bike brand that recently started selling in the US, exclusively at REI. Find Ghost mountain bikes to their website ranging from $800ish to just under $5,000 for one of the carbon rigs.

GT Bikes

GT Pantera Comp Mountain Bike

It turns out that GT bikes are one of the most widely-available “big” bike brands online. We found GT rigs at JensonUSA.

Ibis Bikes

Ibis Mojo HD4 Eagle Bike

JensonUSA sells popular Ibis models online including the Ibis Mojo and Ibis Ripley, Ibis Ripmo with a number of different build options. You’ll also find these Ibis mountain bikes at Competitive Cyclist and Backcountry.

Intense Cycles

Intense Tracer Orange

Get Intense Bikes from online retailers like JensonUSA.



Want to buy a Juliana mountain bike online? Look no further than Competitive Cyclist. In addition to closeout models priced 30-40% off MSRP, Competitive Cyclist also sells about a dozen current model complete bikes like the Juliana Maverick.



Kona appears to limit their online bike sales to just closeout models, and for now it seems they’re only available at JensonUSA. You could get lucky and find a pre-owned Kona mountain bike at The Pro’s Closet.

KTM Bikes


KTM no longer sells their bikes online. Try searching for a used KTM mountain bike.

Lynskey Performance


Lysnkey builds titanium mountain bikes right here in the USA, and you can buy one of their hardtail or FS bikes online at their own website. But in addition to selling direct to consumer via their own site, Lynskeys are also available in a variety of brick-and-mortar stores around the nation. This is the only brand on either of our online lists that sells online directly, as well as in LBSs.



Niner has always been a pretty progressive brand (hello, 29ers!), and they haven’t been shy about making their bikes available via online retailers like JensonUSA, Competitive Cyclist, and Backcountry. All three retailers offer a wide selection of models and builds, including closeout prior-year models.

⭐️Shop for a pre-owned Niner at The Pro’s Closet

NS Bikes


NS Bikes is a brand based out of Poland that is increasingly available via online retailers like JensonUSA and Chain Reaction Cycles. Both JensonUSA and Chain Reaction seem to be sticking to mostly closeout models that are discounted about 30% on average.



Nukeproof prides itself on building burly, high-quality bikes, and you can find dozens of models available for purchase online at Chain Reaction Cycles.



If you’re looking to purchase an Orbea mountain bike online, JensonUSA is the place to go.

Pivot Cycles


The Pivot Mach 6 is consistently rated as one of the best mountain bikes among Singletracks readers, and you can find your own at Competitive Cyclist or Backcountry. Buyers can purchase one of the many Pivot mountain bikes from the LES hardtail all the way up to the Phoenix DH rig.



Ragley makes a number of mid-tier hardtail mountain bikes, and you can find about half a dozen models available for purchase at Chain Reaction Cycles.



I ride a Redline hardtail 29er I bought several years ago, now select models can be found on Amazon alongside their popular BMX bikes.

Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz is another wildly-popular MTB brand, and a progressive one at that, so it’s not surprising to see them selling online. Santa Cruz is also one of the biggest MTB brands (by volume) on this list. Competitive Cyclist and evo both have a huge selection of Santa Cruz bikes available for purchase online at often discounted prices.

⭐️Find a deal on a pre-owned Santa Cruz mountain bike from The Pro’s Closet.



For many mountain bikers, the biggest surprise may be that Schwinn still makes MTBs. You’ll find a few budget models for sale on Amazon, and this $398 Schwinn Axum 29er available at Walmart.com.

Scott Bikes


You can no longer buy a Scott mountain bike online. However, you can find a deal on a used bike at The Pro’s Closet.

SE Bikes


SE Bikes is mostly known as a BMX brand, but they also make mountain bikes, including a fat bike and hardtail 27.5.

Spot Brand


Spot Brand is known for their simple hardtail mountain bikes and also for being one of the first to introduce the Gates belt drive system.

Transition Bikes


Find aluminum and carbon Transition mountain bikes at evo.



Yeti is another mountain bike brand with an intensely-loyal following that doesn’t seem to be bothered by sales at online retailers like JensonUSA and Competitive Cyclist.

Your Turn: Did we miss an offline MTB brand that’s being sold at third party online retailers? Tell us about it in the comments!