The Abus Sportflex 2504 Lock Requests that You Don’t Steal This Bike

The Abus Sportflex 2504 bike lock is easily one of the flimsiest the brand offers yet it's also one of the most clever and convenient.
The Sportflex lock cable isn’t much thicker than a shift cable.

The Abus Sportflex 2504 bike lock is easily one of the flimsiest the brand offers. A thief could probably cut the kebob-skewer-thick cable with a sturdy pair of scissors and yet, it’s a bike lock that many riders will find useful. This isn’t really a review; it’s more of an introduction to a product you might not have seen before.

Looking at the photos, the lock is generally self explanatory. It attaches to a standard set of bottle cage mounts (extra long screws are included) and sits beneath the bottle holder of your choice. There’s a thin, nearly meter-long, braided, coated, and retractable cable on one side and a combination lock on the other. The form factor sorta reminds me of either an underwater craft or a jet with a couple bombs beneath its wings. No doubt the Abus lock is just as aerodynamic, ha! Altogether the lock only weighs about 100g.

But seriously, I was worried it might rattle around on the trail and was surprised to find it does not. Another nice feature is the ability to set your own four digit code, hopefully one that’s easy to remember.

Several years ago I owned a Kuat Bottle Lock that’s effectively the other side of the same coin. I found that lock to be convenient and even more secure than the Abus thanks to its thick cable and keyed lock, though sadly it seems the Bottle Lock is no longer available. (I eventually lost the key to mine so I had to toss the water-bottle-shaped lock in the trash.)

The plastic body and tumblers on the lightweight Abus Sportflex 2504 feel pretty flimsy, which is another reminder that this isn’t a lock for securing a bike overnight or frankly even out of eyesight for more than a minute or two. It’s definitely one of those locks that keeps honest people honest, and is all about convenience over absolute security. After all, having a lock is better than not having one at all, which tends to happen to me whenever there’s an impromptu stop at the brewery after a ride. And this is certainly a step up from the ol’ helmet strap lock.

  • Price: about $30.
  • Available from select Abus retailers.