Abus Brooklyn Bike Chain Lock Offers Peace of Mind [Review]

The Abus Brooklyn is a heavy-duty bike lock which offering "urban level security," and is said to be light enough to wear around the waist.

A good lock should result in one thing; peace of mind. By worrying less about your beloved aluminum/carbon/steel steed, riders with a good lock can continue their après in peace, without fretting about who might run their grubby mitts along their bike.

The Abus Brooklyn Chain is a peace keeper. The Brooklyn is the German brand’s heavy-duty bike lock, rated 12/15, offering “urban level security,” and a lock that Abus says is light enough to wear around the waist.

The Brooklyn has thick, 10mm hardened steel links, extending to a length of 120cm or 3’11”, bonded with a 80/T150 Titalium padlock. Titalium, an aluminum alloy that is light and strong with a high level of torsional strength, forms the padlock. A protective coating helps to keep the padlock rust- and corrosion-free. Inside the padlock is a 6-pin precision cylinder, protecting against force and manipulation.

The Brooklyn comes with two keys, and sliding one into the padlock feels precise and opens it up with a springy pop. The Abus-branded fabric wrapped around the links feels soft and sturdy, and on each end there are little rivets to keep the sleeve in place. Abus says that the Brooklyn can be belted around the waist, and it certainly can, but is probably best left stationary at a dock, or in the back of the car, for needed stops on the way home after a ride. The heavy chain slides down quickly without any notches to dial the fit. Throwing it in a bag would make for easier transportation, but at an extra six pounds, that’s a lot for a backpack or messenger bag.

The nearly four-foot length works well for a single bike, but it could be a stretch in some instances to have two bikes guarded by the Brooklyn, depending on what’s available. In any case, at $100 (on sale at Amazon), the Abus Brooklyn is one sturdy chain, and it will give most people the peace of mind they need to make sure their bikes stay put.

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