Ottolock: Secure Your Bike at a Campsite, Cafe, or on Your Car

The 60″ Ottolock weighs a reported 260 grams.

Keeping our overpriced toys from being stolen is a daily concern for some riders, and the engineers at Ottolock aim to ease that worry. Their lightweight packable locking bands can secure the wheels and frame to nearly any stationary object, and there is no key to keep track of. Simply set a three-digit code that you can recall, zip the lock through its snake-like head, and go enjoy your beer with one less worry.

A shorter 30″ version of the lock that captures just the frame weighs roughly 175 grams, and the 18″ band weighs 145 grams. The burlier Hexband locks start at 190 grams.

The Hexband internals. Photo: Ottolock

The original Ottolock Cinchlock and newly released Hexband have three and six layers of stainless steel belts inside respectively. The belts are sheathed in Kevlar and are designed to slide against one another when someone tries to saw or cut them, making it difficult to slice through the belt. All that goodness is then wrapped in an anti-scratch Santoprene layer to keep your frame’s paint looking good.

These locks are not designed to park your bike in downtown New York City overnight, and the company has a decidedly realistic outlook on the level of security the stainless steel bands provide. “The design intent of Ottolock is to provide a lightweight, compact, easy-to-carry solution to prevent opportunistic theft during quick stops like getting coffee, snacks, or restroom breaks. All bike locks can be defeated by a motivated thief with proper tools, technique, and time. Ottolock provides an appropriate quick-stop level of defense against many forms of attack – not any and all tools.”

The company offers a number of ways to attach the lock to your bike so you can’t forget it.

While originally designed around bike protection, Otto also recommends their safety bands for securing luggage, ladders, tools, canoes, automotive racks, and anything else you need to leave out of sight for a bit.

Buy it: Cinch Locks retail from $50-$80 depending on length, available at

Buy it: Hexband sells for $65-$95, available at