Review: Shimano CE-S50X Glasses

In addition to launching a brand-new line of packs, Shimano is also getting into the performance eyewear market. The CE-S50X is one of the models in Shimano’s new cycling glasses line.


The CE-S50X shades were designed with performance, comfort, and style in mind. The adjustable nose and temple pads allow the owner to tailor the glasses’ fit to their specific needs, and the feathery-light weight makes them feel like they’re hardly there.

The shades are available in three lens colors: Brown Mirror, Yellow, and Clear. Mine shipped with brown mirror and clear lenses in the case. The CE-S50X frames are available in Metallic White (tested), Mat Black, Leaf Green, and Metallic Orange.

Out on the Trail

The light weight of the CE-S50Xs and the low-profile construction make these shades feel airy and like they are hardly there! The adjustable pads are excellent for dialing in your custom fit, making these super comfortable even during 100-mile efforts.

Arms of glasses fit easily under helmet straps.

Also, the flat design of the arms is perfect for slipping under helmet straps. Some glasses I’ve tested have wide, bulky arms that don’t feel comfortable at all under straps and consequently need to go over the top. That can get complicated when putting on or removing a helmet, so being able to slide the arms under the straps is very convenient.

My shades shipped with both tinted lenses and clear lenses, allowing these glasses to serve me no matter what time of day I’m riding. Switching lenses is a cinch: grab the outside corner of the lens and pull it out toward the outside corner of the glasses in line with the lens. Don’t worry, they’ll be ok! The replacement lens slides in the same way and clicks into place.

As for fogging, I’ve had no issues at all. There is plenty of ventilation around the sides of the frames and the lenses.

In fact, despite wearing these shades for months and, quite literally, thousands of miles of riding, I haven’t had a single issue from them. Both manufacturing quality and actual application receive full marks, and I plan on using the CE-250Xs for a long time to come.

If you’re looking for a stylin’ pair of performance shades that avoids the inflated price tag of some of the better-known glasses manufacturers, be sure to check out Shimano’s eyewear line and the CE-S50Xs!

MSRP: $115

Many thanks to Shimano for providing the CE-S50X glasses for review.