Interbike 2013: New WTB Tires

WTB attended Interbike’s Outdoor Demo, and they had all of their new 2014 tires on display. It’s not every day that I can say I’m excited about new tires, but after checking out these new designs from the historically-reliable WTB, I have to say that I am excited!


Brand new for this year is WTB’s answer to the Kenda Nevegal: the Vigilante. Available in all 3 (count ’em) wheel sizes, the Vigilante is designed as an enduro/all mountain tire that excels in wet or loose conditions. With different density rubber compounds for different parts of the tire, reinforced sidewalls, and tubless compatibility, this tire is ready for action.


The Wolverine, a long-standing popular tire and my personal favorite tire I’ve ever ridden, is now available in the 27.5in size with the beefed-up AM TCS sidewalls.

Bee Line
Nine Line

If you’re looking for a faster-rolling tire than the new Vigilante, the brand-new Bee Line is now available, but only in the 27.5in size. But if you like the looks of this tire and want to go a size larger, check out the very similar Nine Line in the 29in size.


Is the Vigilante still not enough burl for you? Then it’s time to check out the insanely-knobby Warden. These massive knobs on this heavy tire were designed specifically for super-sloppy enduro races, such as the Mega Avalanche which starts on snow up high, and transitions to mud, mud, and more mud down low.

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