Interbike 2012: New Products from Giro

This year, Giro has decided to up their game yet again. In fact, they had so much going on in their massive Interbike booth that it made my head spin! So, to keep it simple, I am cutting straight to some of the key features that I found most interesting.

Giro has decided to release a version of the Feature helmet specifically for the ladies called the “Feather.” With basically the same outer shape, the helmet is available in smaller sizes, which most women will appreciate. The graphics and colors are also intended to cater to the ladies, but I found some lids that I’m sure many guys would feel comfortable rocking!

The Feather, like the Feature, uses the In-form system, which consists of an adjustable wheel for the strap, as well as a vertical snap adjuster. Together they give you a very customized fit. Speaking of safety, this unit uses a polycarbonate shell with an in-mold EPS liner (Expanded Polystyrene).

The other helmets in the lineup also got some love with new color schemes: yellows and greens are big this time around. This is a good idea, especially if you find yourself crashing often. You now can be found! All kidding aside, these are some neat colors. All of the off-road helmets come in at least four colors.

The Remedy and Remedy CF haven’t changed, but definitely have some eye-catching graphics.

Giro introduced some cool new shoes at Interbike this year. The two that really piqued my interest were the Chamber and the Jacket, both of which are a flat-derived shoe. The Chamber was designed with input from Arron Gwin himself. Below is a video that does a great job of explaining all the features of the Chamber:

The Jacket shares much of the Chamber’s styling and construction. The main difference is the lack of a strap up top and a non-SPD sole. Care has been taken with the Jacket to keep the shoe fairly stiff with a flexible shank inside. Mid-sole there is an EVA pad (ethylene vinyl acetate) for a lightweight cushion when you case it. More on that below:

Check out Giro’s complete lineup for yourself on their website:

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