Interbike 2013: New Products from Dakine

Dakine always impresses me. This year, Dakine has embraced some cool new patterns and ideas.

A new shirt expands what people want to wear: the Wrench Button Up is pretty far out. I can easily see this as an all day shirt, or something that can be worn in the shop.

The Descent changes patterns as well, with some bold, new slash graphics.

The Oakridge flannel also has a change of color. Since I spend a major part of the season riding in cool weather, this setup just makes sense.

The new Tech Tee was pretty neat since, for only a few dollars over the conventional tee price, you get a tee that looks cool, feels like a normal tee, but uses a blend of fabric that promotes breathability.

The packs haven’t changed drastically this year, to be honest. There have been some small improvements on some cuts and hardware. The big thing is the colorway changes.

One new product that did peak my interest was the new fanny pack that has just enough room for your phone, wallet, a toolset, and some snacks. Think this product would be great for a racer or dude that loves to go fast without having a backpack push down on him when braking. Since the pack is down around the waist, braking doesn’t cause this pack to ride up your back and tip your lid.

Now, what I was most impressed with was the new-and-improved bike bag. If you’re into traveling and want a secure way to transport your bike, the new bike bag may be just the ticket. With separate tire pockets, a rear triangle pouch, and front fork pouch, the Dakine bike bag looks very functional. A big thing for retailers is the fact that during shipment, and when not in use by the user, the bike bag folds down to ¼ its size.

Be sure to keep an eye on Dakine this year!