Dakine Chorus Short and Reflex Jersey Review

For those of you who love trail riding, Dakine has you covered. Literally. The Chorus Short and Reflex 3/4 Jersey is the perfect combo for a rider looking for loose-fitting clothing that is both durable and breathable.

Chorus Short

The Chorus Short has a “freeride” fit to it, with a 16″ inseam. For those of you who regularly use armor, these shorts just touch the tops of your knee protection.

Made from durable 200D micro ripstop nylon, the overall fit is loose, with plenty of room in the crotch.  Speaking of space, you also get plenty of pocket space, with front, side, and back pockets. All pockets are secure enough that if you do fall, you won’t lose your keys or other items. Riding on my DH bike, I usually don’t wear a pack (unless it’s my camera bag), so I tend to stick my cell phone in my side or back pocket.

Using the Dakine fit guide when selecting shorts is bang on. So if you’re a 34, based on the fit guide a large short will fit with no problem. In case you lose some weight in the future, there are sturdy loops for a belt. A double-snap closure keeps everything in place.

Reflex Jersey

Up top, the Reflex Jersey is made from a polyester 220gm birdseye-weave fabric. Dakine decided on that particular blend for its breathability and lightweight feel. Add to that an anti-microbial fabric treatment, and you’re good to go for a while without stinking to high heaven.

The cut of the jersey is pretty roomy for those of you who prefer the loose feel. I personally like the 3/4 arm length. It provides a measure of protection and plenty of room if you plan on using elbow pads for even more protection. Also, an eyewear chamois is located under the lower cuff of the jersey in case you need it.

Out on the Trails

Out on the trail the Reflex / Chorus combo is pretty sweet. The big thing you do have to remember is that the Chorus shorts don’t have padding for your taint region. So for those very long rides, you can choose to grab a chamois, or maybe not. I tend to ride for a few hours at a time with breaks in between and find that I am OK with that.

Graphically, these pieces of gear mark a slight departure from what I’m used to wearing, which is fine by me. You have a choice of the Timber look or a bright green called Viper.

I am happy to report that over the duration of my testing, I haven’t had any issues with either piece of gear. Not a stitch has come out of place on either piece, despite eating dirt a few times and sliding along the grass more than once. I found that, for my riding style, these pieces of gear made my experience on the trail more enjoyable.

MSRP is $60 for the Jersey and $80 for the shorts, which isn’t too bad considering that some shorts will cost you more than both of these combined.

A big thanks to the folks at Dakine for providing the Chorus Short and Reflex Jersey for review.

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