7 Free and Inexpensive Apps that Turn Your Smartphone into a GPS for Mountain Biking

Runtastic Mountain Bike GPS Ride & Route Tracker (free, $4.99)


Runtastic’s Mountain Bike app is another full-featured GPS tracker that is an excellent choice for most mountain bikers. With readouts on everything from speed, distance, elevation, and even current temperature and wind speed, this app is a data geek’s dream come true! Live tracking is included in the free app, allowing you to share your ride with friends and family so they know where you are. There’s even voice feedback to keep you posted on ride stats without having to look down at the screen.

Social features allow you to share ride details with friends on social networks and on the Runtastic website, where you can download raw ride data for use with other services. The Runtastic app can also connect to heart rate, speed, and cadence sensors for tracking additional fitness data.

The Pro version adds offline maps and eliminates ads from the app. The paid upgrade also adds the ability to control music within the app and to add photos to your rides.

Use this if: You want a GPS app that can do it all. Seriously, this app packs all the features and more than you would expect from even the most expensive GPS units.

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