7 Free and Inexpensive Apps that Turn Your Smartphone into a GPS for Mountain Biking

MapMyRide (free)


MapMyRide is one of the most popular GPS fitness tracking apps, and also one of the most full-featured. The app shows typical GPS metrics like speed, distance, and time during the ride, and even tracks your average speed and estimates calories burned. Your current position and route is shown on a map, though you’ll need to be within range of a cellphone tower to see your route overlaid on an actual map. There’s an auto-pause function, and you can assign an activity (mountain biking or road biking, for example) and equipment to each ride for tracking purposes.

MapMyRide offers social features that let you share your ride with others, including a newsfeed to track your friends’ rides and challenges designed to motivate you to ride more. You can even export your raw ride data via the MapMyRide website for use with other online services. MapMyRide also offers additional features for “MVP” users, like live location tracking, audio coaching, and more for $29.99 a year.

Use this if: You’re considering a basic standalone GPS like the Garmin Edge 25. Like the Edge 25, MapMyRide offers only very basic navigation functions when you’re outside of cell coverage.

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