Support Your Local Trails with Singletracks and Trail Care

Singletracks is partnering with Trail Care to make it easier for mountain bikers to support trail builders and maintainers financially. Trail Care helps clubs around the USA collect donations, with 100% of proceeds after credit card fees going directly to the clubs that keep trails open.

The Trail Care website can be used to make one-time donations, but the even cooler thing is you can pledge based on the number of miles you ride. To do so, connect your Strava account to Trail Care (this video explains how) and set a per-mile pledge. Whenever you log a ride using Strava, Trail Care attempts to match the ride to a trail maintained by one of their participating clubs. If there’s a match you’ll get an email listing asking you to confirm your donation for the ride.

For example, I set a pledge of $0.25 per mile, so whenever I ride 10 miles at one of my local trail systems, I get an email asking me to confirm a $2.50 donation to MTB Atlanta. And if I take a trip to ride in Sedona, I can donate to the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition just as easily.

Each club on Trail Care has a monthly leaderboard for the top donors, which is one leaderboard that’s definitely worthy of fierce competition.

As a part of our partnership with Trail Care we’ve added links on select Singletrack trail pages as shown in the screen shot above. Click the link to visit the club on Trail Care and to make an online donation, or to set up a pledge.

If your non-profit trail organization wants to learn more about joining Trail Care, click here.