7 Free and Inexpensive Apps that Turn Your Smartphone into a GPS for Mountain Biking

Ride With GPS (free)


Ride with GPS is designed specifically for cycling so it features everything you would expect from a basic cycling GPS unit, plus more. In addition to speed, distance, and elevation data, the app allows you to tag photos during the ride. There’s a map showing where you are and where you’ve been, while offline maps and live ride tracking are available as a paid upgrade ($79.99 per year).

Ride data is stored in the app and is also accessible on the Ride with GPS website, where you can download ride data in GPX or TCX format for use with other online services.  Fitness tracking doesn’t seem to be a focus with this app, though it does include audio alerts and cues that minimize the need to look at the screen during your ride.

Use this if: You need a simple app to track GPS data. Adding a subscription gets the app close to the feature set found in expensive GPS units, but it’s nearly as pricey as a GPS unit if you plan to use it for many years.

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