Canyon Spectral CF Gets Less Travel, More Features

The 2024 Canyon Spectral CF gets in-frame storage, a chainstay flip chip for mixed wheels, and makes the K.I.S. steering stabilizer standard.
2024 Canyon Spectral CF
All photos provided by Canyon.

The new Canyon Spectral CF trail bike appears to have it all. In frame storage? Check. Integrated rear mud flap? Check. Flip chip? Double check. Accessory mounts? You bet. Mixed wheel and coil compatible? For sure. All told Canyon has made nearly a dozen changes to the Spectral trail bike, not the least of which is reduced suspension travel, which is now 150/140mm front and rear. Here’s a rundown of the most noteworthy changes to this popular mountain bike model.

2024 Canyon Spectral frame features

Starting at the top tube, Canyon has made their steering stabilizer, K.I.S., standard on all Spectral CF models. For those who prefer their steering unstabilized the system can be removed and a blanking plate is included.

There are three accessory mount bolts located underneath the top tube. The latest carbon fiber Canyon Spectral CF (the CF stands for carbon fiber) also adds in frame storage on the downtube with a hatch that doubles as a mounting location for a water bottle cage.

Canyon says the 2024 Spectral CF sees shorter seat tubes for the potential to run longer-travel dropper posts, including Canyon’s own G5 that drops up to 230mm. Thinner, more compliant chainstays in the rear, plus a new one-piece rocker promise an improved ride feel and better handling. Despite these changes, the frame is visually quite similar to the previous version.

The Canyon Spectral CF now includes an integrated, two-piece rear mud flap to protect the main pivot. It won’t prevent mud butt but it should keep the suspension running smoother, longer.

Reducing front and rear travel on the Spectral to 150/140mm moves the bike away from all-mountain / wannabe-enduro territory and closer to the sweet spot for trail bikes. However the new travel numbers now place the Spectral into more direct competition with the brand’s Neuron trail bike which has 140/130mm of front and rear suspension travel. That bike was already awkwardly positioned between two Spectrals, the downcountry Spectral 125 and standard Spectral; this move further tightens the squeeze.

Flip chips and wheel sizes

Like the previous version the 2024 Canyon Spectral CF features a geometry flip chip at the lower shock mount with high and low modes. The bike ships in low; high mode raises the bottom bracket height and steepens the seat and head tube angles “for more pedal clearance and sharper slow-speed handling.”

Over the years the Canyon Spectral line has become a confusing morass of wheel sizes, suspension travel, and powertrains. (Singletracks has reviewed at least three very different Spectral configurations). With this release it appears the 27.5″ Spectral CF offerings are going away, and for U.S. buyers the only choice is matched 29er wheels. However a new chainstay flip chip adapts the frame for a mixed-wheel setup, shortening the chainstay length but leaving other measures unchanged to work with the smaller rear wheel. Buyers outside the U.S. will be able to order complete mixed wheel bikes, including size XS bikes which are mixed-wheel only. (Since it’s mixed wheel the XS size will not be offered in the U.S.)

Seat tube length375400415445455
Top tube length572599626653680
Effective seat tube angle76.576.576.576.576.5
Head tube length100110120130140
Chain stay length429429 / 437429 / 437429 / 437429 / 437
BB offset front3636363636
BB offset rear1919 / 3619 / 3619 / 3619 / 36
Seat tube angle68.869.369.870.270.6
Effective seat tube angle @ max height767676.176.176.2
Effective seat tube angle @ min height77.1777776.976.9
Effective seat tube angle @ stack77.277.577.777.978.1
Ref seat height680720760800840
Max insertion depth frame250280290320330
Body height max168177185194203
Body height min155163172180189
Wheelbase11841213 / 12211243 / 12511272 / 12801301 / 1309
Head tube angle6464646464
Wheel sizeMULMUL / 29MUL / 29MUL / 29MUL / 29
BB height340340340340340
Front center length755784814843872
All measurements in low mode setting on the lower shock mount flip chip.

Canyon Spectral CF geometry

Despite all the frame changes the Canyon Spectral CF geometry sees only minor adjustments this go-around. The 64° seat tube angle remains unchanged while the 76.5° seat tube angle is steeper by 0.5° compared to some previous versions. Canyon says minor changes to the reach and stack height were made to improve fit rather than for any specific performance reasons.

But wait, there’s more

Steve Jobs famously saved his biggest announcements for the end of his keynote speeches, transitioning with the phrase “one more thing.” Admittedly the new G5 stem doesn’t rise to that level but IMO it’s pretty forward thinking. For starters, the steerer clamp bolts are (hidden? moved elsewhere?) to reduce knee-to-stem related injuries. This also gives the stem a cleaner look.

In addition, Canyon is offering a free 3D printer file so buyers can print a stem-mounted, mini-tool holder at home. Sure, most of us don’t have access to a 3D printer but it’s good to see the brand exploring an innovative delivery model.

Pricing starts at €3,399 for the Spectral CF 7. Canyon says the lightest build weighs about 31.7lb (size medium). More information about the updated Canyon Spectral, including info on build kits, is available at