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Word on the street is that Trek is folding the Gary Fisher brand into Trek bikes to cut design costs and expand distribution. The Gary Fisher name will live on, however, as the “Gary Fisher Collection” from Trek. According to a news release we read, the man himself, Gary Fisher, approves of the move because of the promises of increased distribution.

The heart of the issue seems to be the financial implications of parallel development of mountain bikes, particularly 29ers, currently being shouldered by the two brands. Even if the two teams shared technology and designs, forward there would be very little differentiation between Fisher 29ers and Trek 29ers going forward, for example.

Current Gary Fisher owners should have little to worry about in terms of service and warranty support since the GF brand will remain owned by Trek. There may be some minor changes at the dealer level but those changes should only affect shops that stock GF brand bikes but not Trek. Read more at trekbikes.com.

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  • Goo

    I saw that posted on several other blogs, and was kind of disappointed. I mean it makes sense for Trek, but I hate to see the Gary Fisher brand essentially disolve.

    Ah well, that’s the bike industry: in a constant state of flux.


  • JarheadMtnBkr

    It must be my luck or something along those lines. My buddy and I both just bought new Gary Fishers this week, me a GF Marlin, and him a GF 29er Cobia…..and now this….oh well….such is life!

  • trek7k

    Look at it this way JarheadMtnBkr, those things will be collectibles one day! The last GF brand mountain bikes ever made…

  • Suvacrew

    Pretty subtle touches for the naming. No GF on the frame, but “TREK” is merely an outlined font on the down-tube.
    TREK is the GM of bikes…so they killed the HUMMER name and folded some aspects into a Chevy. RIP Gary Fisher brand…it’s always fun to see how many beers he can knock back at Sea Otter.

  • fleetwood

    That’s a good point trek7k. I should park my Tassajara and pick up that FS I’ve been looking at.

  • yellowdman

    Trek has owned most of the Fisher brand and has been making Gary Fisher bikes for several years now all though Gary designed all his bikes. I wonder if Gary’s contract is up with Trek and now they own the Fisher brand 100%?? It would be one reason to call it the Gary Fisher Collection. As far as it helping Treks distribution plans out I don’t see how except for maybe on the bikes that shouldn’t of been made in the first place, come on did we really need a Gary Fisher comfort bike? This would allow Trek to mass produce more of these kind of bikes for one brand than two which would help them fullfill their orders to the shops. It sucks to see a big Trek name on the bikes but I’m glad to see that they did give him the respect he deserves and calls the bikes he designed the Gary Fisher Collection. I’m stoked that they have kept two of the best names in the mountain bike world as they should and hopefully these names will stay in the world of mountain biking and be remembered for a long time Gary Fisher and Keith Bontrager the pioneers of mountain biking. ROCK ON!

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