New Gary Fisher Autobiography hits Bookshelves

One of the founding fathers of mountain biking, and certainly one of its most colorful characters, Gary Fisher, has a new autobiography available today at According to press materials from Trek, “The new book is part history, part origin story, and part mind-melting photographic account of ingenious innovation, dogged determination, and boundless energy. Most importantly, it’s an intimate portrait of a living legend and his legacy, and a meditation on the great gift of mountain biking.”

The book is laid out magazine-style with colorful text overlapping personal photos spanning decades.

“My story is about discovering how you can do things differently,” says Fisher. “Did I ever expect mountain bikes to get this popular? Well, yes. But what I didn’t expect was how far people would take them.”

In case you missed it, be sure to listen to our interview with Gary Fisher recorded in 2018.

Being Gary Fisher And the Bicycle Revolution is available as a hardcover online for $39.95.