The BEST Mountain Bike Trails in Alberta


Singletracks members have ranked the best mountain bike trails in Alberta using our unique trail ranking algorithm. The best bike trails are rated by weighing the following ranking factors: average trail rating, number of members who have ridden the MTB trail, and the number of members who want to ride the MTB trail. Disagree with our list of the top mountain bike trails in Alberta? Find and review your favorite Alberta bike trails. Trails marked with a green row are trails you've ridden (must be logged in). Constantly updated.

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RankTrail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
1.Strathcona Science ParkEdmonton4.0Intermediate bike trail
2.Topp NotchBanff4.0Advanced bike trail
3.Tunnel Mountain Tech TrailsBanff5.0Advanced bike trail
4.Trail 7 / 7H (Teahouse)Jasper16.0Advanced bike trail
5.Moose Mountain Trailhead Provincial Recreation AreaBragg Creek24.0Advanced bike trail
6.Jewell Pass TrailCanmore2.0Intermediate bike trail
7.Lower FryattJasper18.0Beginner bike trail
8.West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation AreaBragg Creek20.0Intermediate bike trail
9.Goat CreekCanmore30.0Beginner bike trail
10.20-mile loop / Saturday Night Lake LoopJasper20.0Intermediate bike trail
11.Stoney Squaw Upper & LowerBanff9.0Advanced bike trail
12.Big Sweat (Valley of the Five Lakes / Wabasso)Jasper20.0Expert bike trail
13.Froehler's Roller CoasterHinton3.0Advanced bike trail
14.Canmore Nordic CentreCanmore30.0Intermediate bike trail
15.Nose HillCalgary10.0Intermediate bike trail
16.Terwillegar ParkEdmonton6.0Beginner bike trail
17.Fort Saskatchewan Hidden GoldFort Saskatchewan11.0Intermediate bike trail
18.RazorbackJasper8.0Intermediate bike trail
19.Jack's Trail SystemHinton6.0Intermediate bike trail
20.Highline Trail SystemCanmore11.0Intermediate bike trail
21.Thompson LakeHinton1.0Beginner bike trail
22.#2 and bottom of RazorbackJasper5.0Intermediate bike trail
23.Powderface/prairie LinkCalgary8.0Intermediate bike trail
24.Ross Creek AreaFort Saskatchewan9.0Intermediate bike trail
25.Grip and RipHinton / Brule9.0Advanced bike trail
27.Little Elbow TrailCanmore15.0-
28.Talbot LakeJasper4.0Easiest bike trail
29.devinedmonton1.0Expert bike trail
30.StovepipeEdmonton500.0Expert bike trail
31.Chickakoo LakeStony Plain9.0Easiest bike trail
32.G8 LoopCanmore3.0Intermediate bike trail
33.Orange Loop / EKGCanmore6.0Intermediate bike trail
34.Star WarsBanff1.0Intermediate bike trail
35.Happy Creek Trail SystemHinton9.0Advanced bike trail
36.Watch TowerJasper2.0Advanced bike trail
37.Capilano LoopEdmonton14.0Intermediate bike trail
38.The OverlanderJasper10.0Advanced bike trail
39.Pyramid BenchJasper5.0Advanced bike trail
40.Pinetop - Jumping Pound TrailCochrane - Calgary6.0-
41.Sibbald Lake Provincial Recreation AreaCochrane7.0Advanced bike trail
42.12 to 5 to 5 / Valley of the Five Lakes and Wabasso LakeJasper21.0Advanced bike trail
43.Montane TraverseCanmore5.0Advanced bike trail
44.Crandall Lake TrailWaterton Lakes10.0-
45.Akamina PassWaterton Lakes2.3-
46.Park Lake Provincial ParkCoalhurst0.0-
47.Police Outpost Provincial ParkMountain View0.0-
48.Mist Creek Provincial Recreation AreaBlack Diamond42.0-
49.Chinook Provincial Recreation AreaPincher Creek0.0-
50.Moraine Lake HighlineLake Louise6.0Intermediate bike trail
51.WishboneWaterton Park13.0-
52.Horseshoe LoopCanmore5.0Intermediate bike trail
53.Gorge Creek LoopCalgary13.0-
54.Tunnel Bench LoopBanff6.0Beginner bike trail
55.Snake Indian FallsJasper34.0-
56.Bluerock Wildland Provincial ParkHigh River5.0-
57.Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation AreaTofield140.0-
58.Prairie ViewCanmore4.0Advanced bike trail
59.Quaite Valley TrailCanmore3.0-
60.Banff Legacy TrailBanff16.0-
61.High Rockies TrailCanmore21.0-
62.Razor's EdgeCanmore3.0Expert bike trail
63.Evan-Thomas Fire RoadKananaskis10.0-
64.Horburg Provincial Recreation AreaRed Deer10.0-
65.Horseshoe UpperCannmore1.0-
67.Cougar Creek EastCanmore1.0-
68.Benchland Trail Bike Skills ParkCanmore0.0-
69.Big Bend (Trail #126)Jasper10.0Advanced bike trail
70.HochiminiJasper4.0Advanced bike trail
71.Hinton Skills ParkHinton4.0-
72.Chester-Sawmill XC Ski and Bike TrailsKananaskis10.0-
73.Joachim Valley TrailHinton10.0Beginner bike trail
74.Wapiti Nordic TrailsGrande Prairie25.0Easiest bike trail
75.William A. Switzer Provincial ParkHinton30.0Beginner bike trail
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