Massive Spikes Discovered on MTB Trail in Australia, Bike Park Opening Dates, and More [Trail Flow]

With a booby-trapped trail in Australia, illegal trail building in California, and clearcut logging threatening trails in Alberta, it's been a tough week in the world of MTB trails. But thankfully, it's not all bad news.

Trail Flow is a roundup of all the mountain bike trail related news of the week including new trail builds, advocacy, and planning. Do you have trail news? Email [email protected] for possible inclusion.

Massive metal spikes discovered in MTB trail in Australia

Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Mountain bikers near Noosa, Australia, should be vigilant on their next ride after 13 massive metal spikes were found embedded in a trail on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Australia’s ABC News reports that police and park rangers are investigating the incident, which is unheard of for the region. If you encounter any spikes or other trail booby traps while riding in this area, be sure to contact the local authorities to report the incident.

View from the base of the Telluride Bike Park. Photo: Greg Heil

Bike park opening dates

As the snow begins to melt, bike parks around the US are beginning to announce their opening dates. First, Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire is already spinning the lifts for the 2024 MTB season. Second, while not technically a bike park, Mount Ashland mountain bike shuttles will begin running on May 10th. Third, Telluride Bike Park plans to open for the season on June 22nd. Unfortunately, Powder Mountain has announced that they won’t be opening their bike park for the 2024 season due to major chairlift construction.

Unauthorized trail building hampers new trail development

San Diego, California

A volunteer trail crew from the San Diego Mountain Bike Association headed up the trail on Black Mountain to conduct trail maintenance and improvements before an upcoming event. “Unfortunately, their work plans had to be adjusted when they happened across a very freshly cut, unsanctioned trail alignment,” writes the SDMBA. “Instead of improving the existing sanctioned trails, they spent their time brushing (covering up) the new cut with assistance of City of San Diego staff.” They go on to say that “the restoration work required for this newly discovered cut will impact the plans for additional sanctioned trails already planned in the area.”

New mountain bike organization in West Virginia

Lewisburg, West Virginia

A new non-profit organization known as the Greenbrier Valley Off-Road Biking Association has just launched at an inaugural party on May 3rd. The mission of this new local IMBA chapter is “to create and make exceptional trail experiences for mountain bikers in the area,” according to WVNS Bluefield.

Bragg Creek, Alberta

The West Bragg Creek trail system is one of the most popular mountain biking and hiking trail systems in Alberta. Despite that popularity, West Fraser Cochrane plans to clearcut a massive amount of the trail system, which will essentially destroy the following trails: Fullerton Loop, Snakes and Ladders, Bobcat, Sugar Pony, Strange Brew, Snowy Owl, Ranger Summit, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama, Pneuma, Race of Spades, 7-27, Elbow Valley, and Sulphur Springs. The local trail advocacy group is attempting to fight the planned clearcut.

New trail to be built on Scottish island

Orkney, Scotland

A £1 million investment funded by the Scottish Government and National Lottery will go toward improved sporting facilities on the Orkney islands, which includes a new mountain bike trail. The infrastructure investment will help prepare for the Orkney 2025 Island Games, according to the Orkney Islands Council.

Spokane, Washington

The Beacon Hill Trail System forms the core of the mountain bike scene in the city of Spokane, Washington. The expansive network is currently undergoing a multi-year revitalization project, with current efforts targeting trailhead improvements and expansion. The first phase cost the city $3.3 million, primarily for land acquisition. The second phase is expected to cost $2.9 million, according to

Weekday trail closure at Demo Forest due to logging

Santa Cruz, California

“Effective May 1, 2024, there is a Forest-wide closure of all areas, all roads and all trails until October 15, 2024, with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays when entry along roadways and trails is authorized, EXCEPT THAT, Corral Trail and Corral Road will remain closed,” reads a public notice from the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The planned logging is due to Soquel Demonstration Forest’s function as a “State Demonstration Forest,” and thankfully, weekend warriors will be mostly unaffected.

Local club raises over $650k to build 19 miles of MTB Trails

Door County, Wisconsin

The Friends of Peninsula State Park have raised an impressive $650,000+ to build 19.7 miles of new trails in Peninsula State Park in Door County, Wisconsin. Check out our recent article for more information.