217 Trails in Alberta

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Fish Creek 51.0 Calgary
Fox Creek Nordic and Trail 4.0 Fox Creek
TNT (Thorsby Network of Trails) 1.0 Thorsby
Prospector Track 5.0 Exshaw
Loki's Lowline 6.0 Canmore
Easy Spin 13.0 Jasper
Dusty Ridge 12.0 Hinton
Devin 300.0 Edmonton
Wishbone 13.0 Waterton Park
Benchland Trail Bike Skills Park 0.0 Canmore
Cougar Creek East (Horseshoe Loop) 1.0 Canmore
Lebensrun (Horseshoe Loop) 1.0 Canmore
Horseshoe Middle (Horseshoe Loop) 1.0 Canmore
Horseshoe Upper (Horseshoe Loop) 1.0 Cannmore
Jumping Pound Ridge/Cox HIll 23.0 Kananaskis
McKenzie Trails 4.0 Red Deer
McKenzie Trails 4.0 Red Deer
River Valley West 17.0 Edmonton
River Valley Central 14.0 Edmonton
River Valley East 10.0 Edmonton
High Rockies Trail 21.0 Canmore
Town of Hinton Trails 12.0 Hinton
Nose Hill 10.0 Calgary
Hinton Jasper airport area 6.0 Hinton
Big Horn 28.0 Hinton
Golf Course 6.0 Hinton
Mustang trail 2.0 Edmonton
Pocaterra 6.0 Canmore
Lookout 3.0 Canmore
Whiskey Jack 3.0 Canmore
Valley View Trail 3.0 Canmore
Hydrocut 2.0 Canmore
Three Isle Lake Trail 2.0 Canmore
Elk Pass 7.0 Canmore
Big Elbow Trail 15.0 Canmore
Chester Lake Trail 2.0 Kananaskis
Burstall Pass Trail 2.0 Kananaskis
Chester-Sawmill XC Ski and Bike Trails 10.0 Kananaskis
Wasootch Creek 2.0 Kananaskis
Wedge Pond and Wedge Connector Trail 3.0 Kananaskis
Evan-Thomas Fire Road 10.0 Kananaskis
Bill Milne Paved Trail 6.0 Kananaskis
Stoney XC Ski and Bike Trails 7.0 Kananaskis
Aspen (Ribbon Creek Trail System) 1.0 Kananaskis
Kovach (Ribbon Creek Trail System) 1.0 Kananaskis
Ribbon Creek Trail (Ribbon Creek Trail System) 2.0 Kananaskis
Ribbon Creek Trail System 10.0 Kananaskis
Skogan Pass 10.0 Canmore
Quaite Creek Trail 1.0 Canmore
Trans Canada Trail: Dead Man's Flats to Heart Creek 5.0 Canmore