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  • in reply to: Coming out of hiding to shed a few pounds #127499
    "gar29" wrote

    I actually think it can be good to go through a lull in a hobby sometimes. When you pick it back up again after a lay-off, you remember what you are missing!

    Good point! I recently sold my StumpJumper for a hard tail 650B Giant Talon. My next ride is going to be on a new bike so I’m especially stoked to get out there!

    in reply to: Clipless or Flats #127190
    "DK302" wrote

    I like flats as it’s easier to get on and off. It’s also cheaper because there’s no special shoes to buy.

    If you wish to correctly ride flats and keep your shins in tact, there are special shoes to buy. 😎

    in reply to: Clipless or Flats #127189

    I’ll just leave this must read clipless vs flats article here: [url:34noxpuh]http://ridekorerva.com/stop-riding-with-crutches-flat-vs-clipped-pedals/[/url:34noxpuh]

    My vote is flats with the correct shoes. The shoes part is a requirement.

    in reply to: Coming out of hiding to shed a few pounds #127496

    Lol thanks for the warm welcome back. Sad to hear that the site isn’t as populated as it used to be.

    The plan thus far has been zero junk carbs and calorie counting again…no more potatoes, bread, pasta, etc. Lots of meat and veggies. I’ve lost about 16 pounds so far just doing that with minimal exercise.

    The new workout plan is going to start with 1 or 2 rides per week + 1 or 2 runs per week and keeping the diet the same. I’ve been losing 2 lbs a week with diet changes, I’m interested to see what happens when I add workouts.

    in reply to: After the fall… #125624

    I have a knack for bending brake levers. It used to happen to me in my dirt bike riding days and it followed me to the mtb 😆 . That’s usually the first thing I check. There’s nothing worse than taking off down the mountain and squeezing air when you need to slow down.

    "GTXC4" wrote

    Actually, I’m surprised no one threw in FATbiking..

    I include fatbiking with beach cruising…fun to do but hard to take seriously 😀

    Unfortunately, classifications come with mainstreaming. It makes it easier to market a product.

    Here’s how I see it:

    XC: Long distance, endurance based race format. Typically hardtail or short travel full suspension rigs.

    Trail: Our equivalent of “soul surfing”. Short travel to mid travel full suspension or burly hardtail rig.

    Enduro : Time trail staged race format. Pedal up in a given period of time. Then it’s a time trial to see who gets down the fastest. Mid travel burly bikes.

    All Mountain: What you call enduro riding outside of the race format…pedal up, bomb down.

    Freeride: big mountains, big jumps, big bikes. Think Red Bull Rampage.

    DH: shuttle or lift to the top of a hill and ride down it. 7-8” big bikes are typically essential but some parks nowadays are dumbed down enough so that a hardtail is all you need to shred. This can be broken down into 3 categories itself: Bike Park, Natural Trail, or Flow.

    in reply to: Over 3/4 of the way to my 100 lb weight loss goal #115615

    How about an update!? I’ve been MIA from this site for a while…life has been in overdrive but I haven’t stopped riding!

    In the time I’ve been missing, I haven’t made anymore weight loss progress but I have been maintaining low 200s. I’m content at that weight but not really happy…I’m about to start training for the Ragnar running relay in September so I suspect my weight to dive down by the fall.

    I completed my first 12 hour race last month. I did 4 laps (10 miles each) my teammate also did 4 laps. We drank a lot of beer too..ended up getting last place but man did we have fun lol

    Still riding my stumpy. It’s been getting refreshed here and there. I murdered the bottom bracket during that race running through some real deep mud holes…so that’s been replaced. Also did a number on the brakes, so I upgraded to some SLX stoppers…best upgrade I’ve made yet!

    I’m going to try to stay more active on here. I miss you guys! :-P

    in reply to: Specialized rolls out 27.5/650b tires #123876
    "schwim" wrote

    Specialized has a history of letting other companies do the hard R&D on new wheel sizes. They’re not willing to build a tweener bike yet, but adding a couple inches to the diameter of their tires is an easy way to get the name associated with the size. Once All the other companies have ironed out the wrinkles, they’ll be sure to have some of their current models available for purchase in 27 wheelsize.

    PR man for Spec in the house!? 😆

    in reply to: Specialized rolls out 27.5/650b tires #123874

    Being a fan of Specialized and having debated converting my stumpy to 27.5…I like where this is heading!

    in reply to: Single Track Natural Direction Indicators #123585
    "gar29" wrote

    I defer to them for the decision, and if the equestrian lets you go by, go slow and always be friendly, even if they’re not.

    I’ve also heard it’s smart to talk to the horse and/or rider the whole time you’re passing a stopped equestrian. It helps remind the horse you’re human. In case the horse is new to trail riding, it may not know what the 2 wheeled, bright colored weird thing is that’s hurtling it’s way down the trail toward them and it could potentially freak out.

    Personally, I’m afraid of horses, so I usually coward behind a tree while they pass… 😀

    in reply to: Over 3/4 of the way to my 100 lb weight loss goal #115614
    "gar29" wrote

    I’m with you! I hit 198 once (should have taken a picture to prove it 😃 ), then back up to 202. I’m having a hell of time getting below that number!

    Glad someone else feels my pain! I think that warmer weather and more daylight will be the barrier breaker for me.

    in reply to: Over 3/4 of the way to my 100 lb weight loss goal #115612
    "eyejustamazeyall" wrote

    new to this post, just saw it n wanted to say congrats bruh! hard to lose all that weight n keep it off … were bout a year down the road now so ur doing great! so yea bro props, keep it up, and that goes out to everyone else on here doing the same!

    Thank you!

    Still working on getting below 200. I’ve seen 199 on the scale once or twice, but I just can’t keep up the regular work out routine to stay there.

    Went on my first single track ride since December yesterday. It was a slippery, sloppy, mess. Felt like I was riding with a flat rear, sliding around every corner and walking up most hills to prevent trail damage from spinning out. Fun as always though.

    in reply to: 2014 Goals #123200

    1. Race more. XC, DH, duathlons, Ragnar, half marathon, maybe a tri?
    2. Weigh less. (sub-20% body fat. Not too concerned with lbs anymore)
    3. Lift more weights.
    4. Speed up. I’ve lost triple digits in weight and I’m still slow as balls. 😆

    in reply to: Over 3/4 of the way to my 100 lb weight loss goal #115610
    "Brownstain" wrote

    Hi…had to sign up to post (first time to the site), and I wanted to encourage you, like the others. I was 241lb at Christmas, and hit the 235 mark this morning. I set my old bike up in the basement with a trip computer on the rear wheel, set on distance, just last night. It was -2 degrees in York, PA last night, so I am thankful for a place to pedal. Even though I have only had one night at it, having Pandora playing on their Chill Out Radio (no pun intended) station really helped me keep a cadence. It was just loud enough to drown out the monotonous whirring of the trainer…very nice. I also repaired my wife’s treadmill, and she walked last night. We were discussing switching off, because of the different muscles used in riding and hiking, just like you were discussing. We’ll definitely do that now. So, thanks! I have a long history of motocross, enduro, and trials riding, but sold all of my motorcycles over the years. I recently replaced my mountain bike, my second one, and I want to be ready to ride!!!!

    Kickass dude, keep it up!

    "gar29" wrote

    I’m currently stuck at 202, how are you making out JT?

    210 when I weighed in Sunday…with a good 5 lbs of excuses 😳

    Life keep getting crazier and I keep losing free time plus I’ve been in a winter time slump. The cold weather not only cripples me now that I’ve lost weight…I’ve learned that it also depresses me. I forced myself out of bed early to go run yesterday and felt great all day to follow (really missed that feeling)…I’m getting back into the swing of things!

    in reply to: What cyclists say and what they mean #122930
    "schwim" wrote
    “I’m on my beater bike”
    Hehe, that one made me giggle.

    Unfortunately when I say that, it means my wheels are mismatched because I blew a hub, my 10 speedd cassette mated to said blown hub’s free body and I’m now running a 9 speed cassette with a 10 speed shifter that has a frayed, stretched stretched to hell cable. My brakes have needed a bleeding for months, my pedal pins are wore down to nubs, and it creaks more than a grandma doing yoga. She needs some lovin and I need to learn the meaning of maintenance. 😄

    in reply to: My new hobby – trail riding…in my truck #122952
    "stumpyfsr" wrote

    Reminded me about driving Maxima up on Monarch Pass. Wish I had a bit more clearance in some tight spots. It survived with no issues though.

    A few years ago I was following my GPS and found myself on a fire road that was a little more involved than dirt and gravel in the Shennendoahs…in my Scion xB that was lowered 2 inches. I made it all the way to the last 50 yards, didn’t see a baby head sticking out and lost a side skirt but everything else survived. 😆

    in reply to: My new hobby – trail riding…in my truck #122949
    "mtbgreg1" wrote

    And then on top of that you have to fill the tank once or twice for every day you go out!

    That’s the truth! I get somewhere between 14 and 15 mpg. I used to drive a Honda Civic that would get mid 30s lol. I haven’t even dared calculating my mpg after adding the Thule basket. I don’t drive during the week anymore and it’s cheaper for me to just rent a compact car for long trips 😆

    in reply to: Goblin Evolution: Trail Killer Bike #122939

    I’d ride it! I saw that posted somewhere the other day and it really caught my attention. I’ve been loving my full suspension ride but after riding a lot of hardtail dirt jump bikes this summer, I realized the speed that’s being absorbed by my rear shock. I need to test ride one of these new all mountain hardtail shredders. The Airborne looks like a sick package for the price.

    in reply to: Mountain biking goals for 2013 #115032

    😃 Thanks guys! It was great looking back on this and seeing that I actually stayed on track.

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