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  • in reply to: Fully Rigid #237729

    Rigid fatbike all year long.

    in reply to: Best MTB retirement community? #232197

    I agree with western slope of co. Nothing beats easy access to moab and co trails, most if not all within half a days’ drive. And winter isn’t too bad on that side of the rockies.

    in reply to: eMTB Race Being Held at Sea Otter this Week #231852

    dang it! Missed that one, could’ve asked my granny to join.. 🙂

    in reply to: better upgrade: fork or dropper? #230778

    suspension. I ride a rigid fatbike all yr, and sometimes I wish it has front fork.

    in reply to: Return to Mtn Biking and getting teenagers going #230598

    I would hit the used market, particularly CL. You can get a really nice 5 yr old carbon HT for around 1k used, and don’t be afraid to haggle. That’s what I did when I was starting out, so I can unload it easy without losing much money if its not for me.

    And to get your kids going, let them ride with a local club or their HS mtb team. Talk to the coach/teacher adviser, I’m pretty sure they’d be happy to let them in on their practice rides. Plus kids love riding with other kids. That’s what I did with my son.

    in reply to: What are your mountain biking goals for 2017? #230563

    Year’s almost gone, but I did accomplish 1 of my goal: to ride more. 1,500 miles to date, maybe add 100 more before the year ends. Though I didn’t get into racing, I’m happy my son is now a member of his HS mtb team(I pushed a li’l bit 🙂 ).

    in reply to: Mountain Unicycling #230562

    If I want to go for a jogging pace, I’ll jog. Their video looks edited to fast forward a little bit. I’ve seen some unicyclers, they’re not that fast on the trail.

    in reply to: Do you cross train? #230458

    I swim a lot, helps with upper body and added cardio.

    in reply to: What frustrates you most about mountain biking? #230457

    Maybe when its below freezing, the extra prep, but not really that frustrating.

    in reply to: What keeps you from riding in the winter? #230456

    winter mud… I just don’t like cleaning bikes in freezing cold. Besides that, me and my fatbike can ride fine above 0 deg.

    in reply to: fat bike? wife green lighted the purchase for xmas #230323

    A fatbike can add variety to your regular riding trail. I ride mine year round. For fitness but slow? Theres a fatbike for that. Long and fast? Theres a carbon HT for that. Rowdy and fun? theres an FS for that.

    Nowadays I’m more into fitness and slow, with age comes a different priority.

    in reply to: What do you think — does skidding destroy the trail? #227086

    Its a good reminder. Though we know its not good, we just keep doing it, like riding on wet trails. Brings awareness as most said.

    in reply to: What mtb socks do you love? #226124

    whatever’s in the “sale” bin.

    in reply to: New TransAlp Record Set… On an eMTB #225939

    I think anyone with minimal fitness can do it on an e-bike. So the record doesn’t really matter, IMHO.

    in reply to: Dedicated website vs. Facebook page for MTB club #225938

    My son’s HS MTB team uses FB, but scheduling and other team communications are done thru TeamSnap.

    in reply to: Kona frame size for 5' 5" female? #225229

    If she cant demo, go with the small. You can make a small bike feel roomier with seat and stem adjustments, but you cant make big bike smaller.

    in reply to: Mountain biking at night: What questions do you have? #225220

    You guys do group rides or solo? been thinking about doing it, just creeps me out going solo. Was forced to “night ride” once when I got stuck waiting for a very slooooow friend since I’m the only one with a decent light. Not a pleasant experience.

    in reply to: Which fanny pack is better: Camelbak Flash Flo or Palos? #225051

    Been mulling about this, since I don’t like packs sticking to my sweaty back on long rides.

    in reply to: Searching for a new tracker/watch/heart rate monitor #225050

    I use mio go, links to an app in your phone for HR, track mileage etc., and its multi-sport. So far it works for my mtb use.

    in reply to: Any tips on mountain biking in winter? #225009

    Same setup but with flat pedal, and the layering. Your extremities will feel it the most, eg fingers and toes. Get a good pair of gloves, thickness will depend where you’re riding and how cold, also ski mask/balaclava and toe covers. I learned I can have fewer layers since my body will heat up during the ride anyway, and a good windbreaker will keep the freezing wind out. For 30deg below ride, I use bar mitts since I don’t like wearing thick gloves. With the mitt, I can wear my summer gloves under it.

    It will take some experience, but later on you’ll have that mental list of what to wear at what temperature.


Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 136 total)