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      As crazy as it sounds, I would absolutely love to find someone doing this on a trail that I frequent! After watching this video it made me realize that I thought I knew biking quite well for the newbie at this that I am! And the shape these guys are in seem to be insane. It looks fun but yet, quite terrifying at the same time. lol. Have any of you seen any of these Unicycler’s out on a trail? This is a good clip below but it doesn’t really show them doing any climbing. I’d love to see how well they do at some of that especially technical climbing.


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      WOW! You won’t catch me doing that.

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      I use to ride unicycles, but not off road. Looks like fun, but not sure I could do it. That and you are talking $200 for a cheap one, $850 for a good one.

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      Yeah, there was a guy on a unicycle about three years back that I would see at the local trail now and then, but I would only see him heading to his car as I was hitting the trail, or hitting the trail as I was returning to my truck. I would just chuckle and wave hello.

      Just so you’re in the know there is also trail skating….though I have never actually seen this in person i would definitely be up for trying it out.

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      There are several people i’ve seen on unicycles on the trail.   It blows me away every time I see them.   The section of trails that i’ve seen them – which includes some short rooted climbs – is not overly technical but it’s no cakewalk either.

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      If I want to go for a jogging pace, I’ll jog. Their video looks edited to fast forward a little bit. I’ve seen some unicyclers, they’re not that fast on the trail.

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      I’ve seen unicyclists on the trail a couple of times in CO.  Most recently, just a few weeks ago at Ute Valley Park, I saw a couple of guys riding in the dirt jump area.  I never saw them hit a jump, but they did ride down a couple of pretty steep drops.  Impressive indeed.

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