eMTB Race Being Held at Sea Otter this Week

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      ICYMI, there’s an eMTB race being held at the Sea Otter Classic this week: http://www.seaotterclassic.com/?Course=eMTB+Race

      My question is, how is this a competition?? I’ve tried to rationalize how you’d have to stay pinned all the time to keep your bike at max speed, but I would think that most top riders would be able to put down enough power to max out the limiter at basically all times.

      So does it become a downhill race on flatt-ish course on heavy, awkwardly-weighted bikes?

      What say you?

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      All I can say is that I can’t wait to watch and see what happens! I think you are right that a race like this becomes all about bike handling so maybe it will be like watching a crit where you’re really just there to see the crashes. 🙂

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      my money is the guy out front. Bosch sponsored, bro!

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      Kinda like motocross. The bikes are matched really close so it’s up to rider ability.

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        The bikes are matched really close so it’s up to rider ability.

        Ability AND stamina/fitness since the bikes are only pedal-assist. So, really like a mountain bike race, only the speeds are a little faster. 🙂

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      dang it! Missed that one, could’ve asked my granny to join.. 🙂

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