Dedicated website vs. Facebook page for MTB club

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      Curious to know how everyone’s local mountain bike club is handling their online presence. I’ve noticed a number of clubs using Twitter and/or Facebook to communicate trail closures due to conditions which seems really smart. I’m also starting to see a lot of dedicated club websites that are being neglected in favor of just posting news and info on Facebook.

      If you’re involved with your local club, how are you using the web/social media to communicate with your supporters?

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      I wish more was done on dedicated websites. I don’t have a facebook nor do I wish to have to deal with all that comes with it just to find out what’s going on. I check the sorba websites to find out about trail closures and what all but as far as whatever else goes on I have no idea….

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      My son’s HS MTB team uses FB, but scheduling and other team communications are done thru TeamSnap.

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      Funny you mention that because I just suggested that one of our local dedicated MTB sites here in San Diego County (Dirt Treaders dot com) go the Facebook route. I belong/follow numerous other MTB sites on Facebook and they run seamlessly, are easier to post on and more informative. The one drawback on Facebook related sites is that writing a long trip report may be more cumbersome when reading it. Nobody else liked the Facebook idea for whatever reason….none of them valid in my opinion. Oh well, I’ll get over it. Life goes on.

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      I think the decision should be based on expertise and how active your PR person is.. if you even have a Public Relations person.


      If you are pretty active and going to post things more than weekly and be on to answer questions.. Faceboat would be good. But you aren’t going to be posting results and different kinds of profiles…. A web page would serve… maybe with an email for questions and new members to contact you.


      A web page serves well if you also plan out, like if you do a Tuesday ride, because you can put it up and go with that. But if on Thursdays you make your decision about the club ride on Saturday, you need faceboot or/and twitter.

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      My local area uses face book only, although they have a dedicated site that has no forum and is rarely updated, and stuff constantly gets missed. It has so much traffic and smart alec chatter that the important stuff often is pushed out of sight before most people ever see it.

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