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    Hi everyone,

    I have a question about socks. I’d like to know what you guys like in a kickass mountain bike sock:

    1. What features do you like? Thin or thick? Stretchy synthetic microfibre or merino wool? Extra padding areas like the forefoot? Large cuff size (7-10cm)? Just mention anything you love in a great mtb sock.
    2. Would you be into funky designs and colours? Or do you prefer plain socks?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Bruh, your taking this way too seriously.

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    whatever’s in the “sale” bin.

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    I like wearing my Nike Elite running socks.

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    Get 10 pairs of the $2 variety from China (aliexpress).  They work for me, I burn holes in them every few weeks when I wear them around the house. I burn holes in all my socks, and would never want to pay more than 2 bucks.

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    I currently like Nashbar’s essential sock, but it looks like they don’t have them for sale online anymore?

    Socks are kind of a sensitive subject right now as I am still mourning the loss of one irreplaceable cannondale sock that was eaten by a parking lot in Waitsfield,vt.

    I like thin socks that aren’t too poly-estery.

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    I’m with you! Look good feel good play good is my motto. I have certain socks for work, other socks for hockey, and others for biking. Although my main requirement for biking is thin and high.

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    I must admit, cycling clothing is a bit of an obsession for me. Everything must be color coordinated and brand matching is a bit of a touchy subject. For my socks I prefer a color matched, crew length in merino wool, with a hike light thickness. Quite a few companies offer partially matcing mtb kits, but rarely a top and bottom with socks and gloves. So yeah, take serious matters seriously!

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    Swiftwick socks are my favorite. Generally prefer thin, synthetic socks, with a high cuff. No mid or low for me personally. I wear thicker merino wool socks in the winter. Flashy designs are cool, but need to have all-black options as well.

    You starting a sock business?

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    Bellwether socks. The absolute best.

    If you haven’t worn a pair, you just don’t know.

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    I generally prefer standard Pearl Izumi socks, 2 inch tall cuff. But half the time I end up riding in just my everyday socks, because I already have them on at the time and don’t see a need to swap out to different socks


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