Which fanny pack is better: Camelbak Flash Flo or Palos?

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      I just read your two reviews of lumbar hydration packs, the Camelbak Palos and the FlashFlo, looking to purchase and wanted to know which you prefer for riding?

      Paul reached out to me with this question over email so I thought I would answer it here in case others are considering these two fanny packs.

      I’ve tested both the Camelbak Flash Flo and Palos fanny packs. I used the Flash Flo for about 2 years, and the Palos for all of this year (so, about 9 months). The Flash Flo is actually designed for running, and it works OK for biking. But the Palos was designed specifically for mountain biking and has more room for gear than the running version. I greatly prefer the Palos for mountain biking, though I still have the Flash Flo around as a backup.

      I was a little worried a couple weeks ago when I saw JensonUSA was selling the Palos for 50% of the normal $75 retail price. I thought maybe the pack was being discontinued but it looks like it’s back to full price now so hopefully it will stay around. 🙂

      Review: The Camelbak Palos Is a Fanny Pack Specifically Designed for Mountain Biking

      Don’t Call it a Fanny Pack: Camelbak FlashFlo LR Review

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      Hey Jeff, Thanks for reposting the link for the Palos.  I must have missed that review when you posted.  Looks like good piece of gear to fill a specific niche.

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      I have Palos and its ok for having half a bladder of water, a bit of tools and granola bar but if you are planning on bringing more its better to use a backpack. Once you start loading up Palos it starts pushing on your gut area making it hard to breath. My experience with it anyways.

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      I liked the Cascadia pack from High Above that I reviewed earlier this year. Still using it on shorter rides ~2 hours. He’s got a new version of the Cascadia and a new pack called the Lookout. Both are more refined than the one I have.

      High Above Cascadia Hip Pack Review

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      Been mulling about this, since I don’t like packs sticking to my sweaty back on long rides.

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