SRAM’s new NX Eagle drivetrain. Photo: SRAM.

Consumers rejoiced last year when SRAM introduced the low-cost, 12-speed GX Eagle drivetrain. Now, a SRAM 12-speed will be available at an even lower price-point. All Eagle drivetrains — from XX1 to X01 and now GX and NX –share the same DNA which means consumers can mix and match components.

Say an X01 Eagle rider is out crushing bike park laps and they smash their derailleur on a pinch between two rocks. If that rider didn’t want to fork out $300+ dollars at the time to ride the rest of the day, they could opt for a NX derailleur for under $110.

The Crankset

The NX drivetrain is forged from 6000-series aluminum. SRAM uses what they call DUB technology with a new bottom bracket and spindle to provide a better fit and seal against water and dirt. The crankset will also fit with SRAM’s X-SYNC 2 chainrings. SRAM says the crankset will run $105-$120 and will weigh 705g with 175mm arms and a 32T ring.

Photo: SRAM

Rear derailleur

The NX Eagle derailleur comes with a 14-tooth, X-SYNC lower pulley to accommodate the 10- or 11-50-tooth derailleur. A Type-3 roller bearing clutch makes the derailleur more quiet and durable, says SRAM. It’ll cost $107 and weigh 339g.

Photo: SRAM


The NX Eagle shifter is compatible with SRAM’s Matchmaker X clamp. It’ll also be available in an e-bike option, which reduces the shift capability to a single engagement, meaning e-bike riders can only shift one gear per push. The shifter, made from aluminum and plastic, is priced at $42 and weighs 112g.

Photo: SRAM


The cassette is where drivetrain manufacturers can typically save a lot of money on affordable options by allowing more weight. The PG-1230 weighs 615g and will cost $100. In contrast, the XX1 Eagle cassette costs $420 and weighs 300g. With the NX group, SRAM eases compatibility, allowing the cassette to work with standard 8, 9, and 10-speed splined driver bodies, no XD driver required.

Photo: SRAM


The chain features SRAM’s Flow Link, which they say reduces friction between chain and cog teeth. It weighs 278g and costs $26.

Photo: SRAM

As a whole, the groupset weighs 2,050g and costs $375. That’s quite a savings, considering the XX1 cassette costs more than the whole NX Eagle group set. We expect to see the NX Eagle specced on entry-level mountain bikes next year.

Photo: SRAM

Last month, Shimano announced a 12-speed drivetrain to their lineup, two years after SRAM’s Eagle debut. It’s only available in an XTR model, which is light, race-ready, and around $1,400. At this point, SRAM now has four different 12-speed options, each in different price points, which gives consumers a lot of affordable drivetrain options.

The SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain will be available to consumers beginning in September of this year.

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  • Phonebem

    I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a GX Eagle groupset but now I’m glad I held off…

  • triton189

    Hmmmm, think I just may put this on my bikepacking rig when I swap out my worn drivetrain. Would love to have the bigger range and granny gear for hauling that beast up hills. Love that I won’t have to swap hubs to make it happen.

  • budgetbiker

    Thanks for the coverage. This is a really heavy drivetrain! I think mixing and matching with GX Eagle components, particularly the crankset, may be a strategic move. Unfortunately that won’t be happening on OEM builds, likely.

  • mongwolf

    Hey Matt, you say the NX groupset weight 2050g. How much do the X01 and GX and Shimano groupsets/cranksets weigh?

  • mongwolf

    For those interested and to answer my own question, the XX1 set weighs 1456g, the X01 1502g and the GX 1750g. Those are compare to the newer NX weight of 2050g.

    • Matt Miller

      Haha, thanks Mongwolf! Beat me to it

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