Torres Del Paine National Park

photo: Euan Wilson / H+I Adventures

photo: Euan Wilson / H+I Adventures

“Professional mountain bike traveller” and lead guide at H+I Adventures, Euan Wilson, says his top choice for mountain biking in Chile is Torres Del Paine national park. After “years of research and bargaining,” singletrack within the park is now open to mountain bikes, making this Euan’s favorite spot. One way riders can experience the Torres Del Paine singletrack is on H+I Adventures’ Chile + Patagonia tour.

Costa Rica

La Angelina Mountain Bike Park

photo: rcastillo114

If it’s enduro-style trails you crave, La Angelina has what you need. The bike park features more than 25km of trails, and often hosts large mountain bike races and events. In addition to offering the best singletrack in Costa Rica, Singletracks trail reviewer rcastillio14 notes La Angelina has an “excellent trail centre, good and fun pumptrack, [and a] beginners’ trail in the parking lot area.”



Rumor has it the 21-mile-long Mamarumi descent in Ecuador was cleared by two brothers whose grandfather told them about an old liquor smuggling route through the mountains. Today, it’s Euan Wilson’s favorite trail in Ecuador, and part of H+I Adventures’ Andes of Ecuador bike tour. There’s also a world-class downhill race held on Mamarumi each year.

Marek Gunda, from 2112 Tours, recommends two volcano rides in Ecuador: El Valle de la Muerte ( Valley of the Dead) at Pichincha volcano and Los Hieleros at Chimborazo volcano.

Next up: France, Germany, Guatemala, and Nepal.

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  • el Iron

    On Mexico, near Mexico City is the trail… Nevado-Valle an epic trail. From a Volcano Nevado de Toluca to the nice little town of Valle de Bravo, a great place to practise MTB and expend a few days

  • ridemtb2004

    Stromberg flowtrail in germany is an absolute must ride. Between the wild hog and the no jokes trails there is something to challenge everybody

  • saranat

    Inforgivenl! You forgot Portugal. It may be a small country, but with lots of tracks for mountain bike, for all kind of users.
    There are beautiful tracks in Arrabida and Sintra, next to Lisbon, and several other mountains were you can still ride freely.
    There are also some bike centers that are responsible for over 42 tracks with 1472 kms of well maintained tracks.

  • s.dolcerocca

    I know that France is already in the article, but you’ve forgotten the Cradle of Enduro: The Maritime Alps, with Epic trails such as Red Earth , Chamoussillon, Col des Champs…. and many many more!

    Have a nice Ride

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