As we close out the 2013 mountain bike model year and prep for all the latest and greatest Interbike has to offer, it’s time to round up Singletracks members’ top picks for 2013. Think of this as the consumer’s choice awards; we rank every product based on reviews posted this year. We’ll also post the editors’ choice awards later this fall.

The following highlights select categories from our best of 2013 list; view the entire list here.

Best brakes: SRAM/Avid X0 brakes

Best helmet camera: GoPro Hero3 silver edition

Best hydration pack: Camelbak M.U.L.E.

Best MTB shoes: Fiveten Freerider. Fiveten also grabbed the runner-up spot with the Karver.

Best crankset: Shimano XT

Best helmet: Giro Xen

Best saddle: WTB Pure V

Best seatpost: Thomson Layback

Best shock: Fox RP2

Best MTB tire: Maxxis Ardent

Best MTB pedals: Time ATAC XS

Some of the items on this list tend to be perennial favorites like the Fox RP2 shock, the WTB Pure V saddle, the Camelbak M.U.L.E., and the Giro Xen helmet. Others are making their first appearance this year like the Time ATAC XS pedals and the GoPro Hero3 silver edition. It’s also pretty amazing to see not one but two pairs of flat shoes as the top MTB shoes of 2013–and they’re both from FiveTen!

Your turn: which products were your favorites in 2013? (And if you haven’t reviewed them yet, be sure to do it before the year is over!)

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  • delphinide

    I really have to disagree with Avid XO trail brakes. I have had 3 sets of them over the past 14 months, and have had nothing but problems with them. Bleeds 3-4 times a season. Poor modulation. Awkward stop ratio. All 3 sets did this, and I have heard this from several other riders and from mechanics in shops in Fruita, Golden, Moab, and others. Several bike shops suggested Shimano XTs to me, and I was hesitant because I honestly did not like the way they looked. I finally got rid of my 3rd set of Avid XOs and tried the XTs…I LOVE THEM. They modulate well, stop so much faster/better than Avids, and I am glad I made the change. Have a set of Elixir 5s on my heavy fatbike and they have been flawless…and a set of Formula R1s on my wifes Niner and they are awesome..but about the same as the XTs but twice the price. Stay away from Avids until they work out the kinks.

    • mtbgreg1

      Well, let’s just say you’ll love the Editors’ Choice brakes 🙂

    • delphinide

      haha…I’ll check it out. I liked the brakes too but had a lot of problems…and did not realized how much better the XTs were until I tried them on a cheap rental bike, which is sad.

    • jamis29er

      I run the XO’s on my FS and XLS’s on my HT (too many acronyms?) and have found that with proper care and feeding both brakes have been very satisfactory. No issues with either set and I don’t baby my equipment.

  • fatlip11

    Irony?!? Best shoes are for flats, best pedals are clipless? 🙂

  • Monkey770

    Hero3 Silver Editions. Do reviewers have a problem with 1080P in 60FPS?

    • jeff

      No, but some people do have a problem with spending a lot of money. 🙂

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