3 Hip-Pack Options From Thule, plus an all new E-bike Battery Backpack

Thule has exactly the hip pack size you need, and a backpack for extra e-bike battery portage.

Swedish car rack manufacturer Thule has three new hip-packs to carry gear and water low on the body where it won’t be noticed, and an e-bike backpack designed to lug an extra battery for adventures deeper into the natural world. The hip packs come in three sizes, each with a variety of hydration and snack packing capabilities.

Rail Hip Pack 0L

The Rail Hip Pack 0L is the most svelt belt, with one larger compartment for tools and spares and what Thule claims is “One-handed phone access – dedicated, padded front pocket with zipper that’s easy to find and operate with gloved hand.” The elastic band has pockets designed to be accessed without repositioning the pack. The Rail Hip Pack 0L sells for $44.95.

Rail Hip Pack 2L

The Rail 2L includes all of the same pockets and accessibility features of the 0L, with an additional set of sleeves for carrying a pair of water bottles. Depending on your hydration needs, one of those pockets could also hold a tube or an apple. The Rail 2L retails for $59.95.

Rail Hip Pack 4L

The Rail 4L pack foregoes some of the storage space that the two smaller models offer to make room for a ReTrakt hydration bladder. Thule says that their “magnetic hose retract system, makes it quick and easy to locate and secure the hose blindly while pedaling, solving a significant problem common to all competitive models.” A magnet running the length of the hose sleeve connects to a similarly-sized magnet sewn into the waist belt.

The bag maintains the one-handed phone access pouch and easily reachable jersey-style pockets like the 0L model to keep snacks handy. The Rail 4L retails for $99.95.

Rail 18L eMTB pack

How are electric mountain bikers supposed to explore the deeper and danker woods with 3-4hr battery limits? Thule has a solution with its Rail 18L eMTB Pack. The pack includes a sleeve to hold spare batteries securely, an integrated rain cover, a Koroyd back protector, and a 2.5L ReTrakt hydration reservoir.

Thule says that this latest pack has improved ventilation and a lighter build with fewer unnecessary layers of material. The Rail 18L eMTB Pack sells for $229.

Get more info on each of these items on the Thule website.