10 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

10 Best Womens Mountain Bikes 2018

These are the 10 best women’s mountain bikes for cross-country mountain biking, trail riding, and enduro. Women shouldn’t feel limited to buying a women’s-specific mountain bike; rather, these types of women’s bikes only add to our options. See the best bikes for women from top brands like Juliana Bicycles, Liv Cycling, Trek Women, Pivot, Yeti Beti, Specialized, Salsa, and Ibis.

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Do Women’s Mountain Bikes Offend You?

Womens Mountain Bikes - Specialized Yeti Beti Juliana Liv

The term “women’s mountain bikes” can be offensive to some people, as it automatically triggers the perception that there is some difference in capabilities–maybe even a weakness. But other women have no issue with it whatsoever and in fact appreciate the effort that’s been made to make mountain bikes that work well for women.

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Pivot Mach 4 Carbon Mountain Bike Review

You don’t see a lot of mountain bike reviews from me here on Singletracks because for years I’ve struggled to find a bike that is light, capable, and most importantly, fits all 5-feet, zero-inches of my petite self. While it may not always be obvious what size bike one needs, in my case I’ve been watching and …

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20 Rad Airbnbs for Your Next MTB Vacation

20 Rad Airbnbs for your next MTB vacation

If exploring new trails is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you’re gonna want to see this list of rad Airbnbs to make your trip of finding new mountain bike trails truly an experience to remember. From the rustic cabin in the woods to the ultra-luxurious mansions, here are 20 options for your next MTB …

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Comparing the Best MTB Saddles of 2016

This summer we surveyed Singletracks members to learn about the most popular mountain bike saddles on the market. This graphic shows the top 10 models, along with some key stats about popular saddles to help you choose your next perch. The following is the same information presented in the graphic above. Key Stats Average popular MTB …

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Test Ride Review: The New Diamondback Catch 27.5+

The Diamondback Catch 2 is a 27.5+ trail bike that I recently had a chance to ride in Santa Barbara, California. As my first experience riding a plus-sized bike, all the trite descriptions of plus-sized riding entered my mind: fat, sluggish, big, heavy, and even cheater! I had to pedal this giant beast of a bike up 4+ miles of …

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Two New Trail Bikes from Diamondback: The Catch and Release

Diamondback Release

Today Diamondback Bicycles reveals two new trail bikes, the 27.5 Release and 27.5+ Catch, along with a newly patented suspension design called Level Link. Level Link is a short link, four bar suspension system that was developed to create a bike that is a light and efficient pedaler but that descends like a big bike. Diamondback answers the challenge …

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Photo Blog: Fat Bikes at the Sea Otter Classic

Fat bikes were everywhere at the Sea Otter Classic this year! Sure, fat bikes make for a cushy cruise around the dusty venue at Laguna Seca, but there were many fat bikes built for more than just cruising. The newly-released Salsa Bucksaw made its debut at Sea Otter. This first-ever production full suspension fat bike …

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Womens Mountain Bike Products from Interbike


As if a trip to Las Vegas doesn’t provide enough sensory overload, strolling the aisles of Interbike brings the added experience of testosterone overload.  Just picture this–a sea of guys with facial hair and tattoos and/or piercings blinded by the closest shiny object on two wheels, loud music blaring, and World Cup highlights looping endlessly. …

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