These Are the Gifts Mountain Bikers Actually Want

Gifts for Mountain Bikers pike fork tool hip pack brakes muc off

It’s been said that if you take care of your mountain bike it will take care of you. Does that make us codependent? Obsessed? We’ll let the psychologists work that one out, but in the meantime, we pulled together this list of splurge-worthy mountain bike upgrades along with the latest tech and best mountain biking gear so you can give the ultimate gift to that special mountain biker (even if it is you!)

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1. Muc-off Frame Protection Kit

Nicks and scratches are the worst nightmare for every mountain biker. How dare that pebble try to dent our impeccable carbon frame? Clear mountain bike frame protection like the Muc-off Frame Protection Kit can keep the paint job looking fresh even after barreling down The Whole Enchilada.

  • Price: $99.99 (clear)
  • Available from Muc-Off

2. OneUp EDC Lite Tool

Besides bikes, what does a mountain biker always need? More tools. That’s right, we always need more because we keep them everywhere — in our pockets and hip packs, in our kitchen, and you better believe it, hidden in our bikes. The OneUp EDC Lite Tool is quickly and stealthily stores in the steerer tube so it’s on every ride whenever you need a basic multi-tool.

Photos courtesy of Garmin Ltd. and Life Time, Inc. 

3. Garmin Edge 1040 Solar GPS

For mountain and gravel bikers obsessed with long rides and tracking every detail, the Garmin Edge 1040 is the perfect gift. This unit features a solar charger which enables up to 100 hours of continuous tracking and is the first to include multi-band technology. The upshot: super accurate tracking in all conditions, and in all places on the planet. Check out this detailed Garmin Edge 1040 review for more info.

  • Price: $749.99 (or $599.99 standard, non-solar version)
  • Available from the Pro’s Closet.

Park Tool Wheel Truing Stand TS-2 (discontinued), Photo: Sam James

4. Park Tool TS-2.3 Pro Wheel Truing Stand

Is that millimeter of wheel wobble so ANNOYING?! Actually, anyone can learn the basics of truing a mountain bike wheel and a stand just makes it easier. Let your favorite mountain biker joyfully tinker and tighten spokes for hours with a pro-level wheel truing stand.

5. EVOC Hip Pack Pro + 1.5L Bladder

The EVOC Hip Pack Pro is the Eagle Scout of mountain bike hydration packs. There’s no need for a bulky backpack when this hip pack offers 3L of storage capacity for a full day of ride essentials and more, plus the divided storage areas keep everything well organized. It comes with a removable hydration bladder and pockets for 2 extra water bottles so you’ll always be prepared.

Photo courtesy of Wolf Tooth Components

6. Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Post

Surely obsessed mountain bikers are obsessed with the latest and great component tech. This new dropper post from Wolf Tooth Components with a self-bleeding cartridge promises to one up the bleed mechanism featured on the beloved Bike Yoke Revive.

Photo: Matt Miller

7. Orucase B2 MTB Bike Travel Case

Is it even a vacation if there’s no bike riding? Of course mountain bikers are gonna want to take their bike with them on every single trip, including flights out of the country. The 17-pound Orucase B2 MTB Bike Travel Case is possibly the lightest and smallest bike case we’ve come across. The case and the high-quality wheel bags keep the bike and components in place and can potentially save costs on extra baggage fees on some airlines.

Photo: Matt Miller

8. RockShox Pike Fork

The RockShox Pike is one of our favorite mountain bike forks for trail bike builds. The DebonAir air spring is incredibly tunable and trail chatter is relegated to background noise thanks the Pike’s low friction design. If you like to obsess over your suspension the Pike offers all the knobs and spacers you need to dial in the perfect ride feel.

Photo: Spank/The Gravity Cartel

9. Limited Edition Spank Split 35 Stem + Oozy Reboot Pedals

Obsessed with shiny things? Spank has got you covered. The 35mm or 40mm stem in limited edition anodized gold is for obsessed ballers only. Don’t worry, the Split stem and Oozy pedals are available in other colors too, if they’re 100% team purple.

10. Grax Drivetrain Cleaner and Wax-Based Lube

Some people like the sound of ocean waves gently crashing on the shore; the obsessed mountain biker gets that same peaceful feeling from a smooth, skip- and crud-free spinning chain. After using the Grax drivetrain products we experienced a noticeably cleaner drivetrain and impressive lube duration.

11. Muc-Off Pressure Washing Bundle

The Muc-Off Pressure Washer lets mountain bikers clean every nook and cranny of their bike with adjustable pressure — so they can blast off the caked-on stuff and also be gentle on their baby’s bike’s more delicate areas. The pressure washer makes this dirty job go quickly and the bundle comes with Muc-off’s planet-friendly soaps and cleaners for a thorough detailing.

12. TRP Slate EVO Brakes

We’ve had good luck with TRP brakes over the years, and the Slate EVO brakes give riders a lot of bang for their buck. For the truly obsessed, upgrade to the DHR EVO brakes for an even flashier look and feel.

  • Price: Starting at $139.99 per side for the TRP Slate EVO brakes.
  • Available at Worldwide Cyclery.

13. Apple Air Tag

A stolen bike has to be worse than busting your front teeth out mountain biking. The horror! While not totally fool-proof, a hidden air tag can help track a stolen bike.

  • Price: $99, four-pack
  • Available at Amazon
lazer jackal kineticore

14. Lazer Jackal KinetiCore Helmet

You don’t want to wait too long to replace a mountain bike helmet, and when you do, you can’t go wrong with having KinetiCore rotational impact system. The visor adjustability and fidlock buckle are just a few of our favorite features, and Gerow covers the rest in this helmet review.

15. Park Tool End Cap Crimping Pliers

Ok, you’re obsessed with mountain bike but we betcha don’t have one of these (yet): End Cap Crimping Pliers. The Park Tool EP-1 just came out this year and it’s already one of these items that has us thinking, why didn’t this exist sooner? No more lost ferrules or frayed cables for us!

16. Showers Pass Merino Tech Shirt

Why are mountain bikers so obsessed with Merino wool? Merino wool is natural fiber and commonly used in technical apparel for its breathability, thermo-regulating and anti-stink properties, plus it’s comfortable (not scratchy!). This Showers Pass Merino shirt is made of 87% Merino and is an ideal weight for most outdoor activities and most seasons.

  • Price: $75 (or $89 for long sleeve)
  • Men’s and Women’s styles available at Showers Pass

17. Velo Angel Revo Saddle

Give the gift of comfort! The Velo Angel Revo is designed to keep mountain bikers comfortable enough to ride all day (and all night) without getting saddle sore. The massive cutout cuts weight and adds just the right amount of flex while the nitrogen-infused padding is like a cushioned running shoe for your butt.

Photo courtesy of Ninja MTB Skills

18. Ninja MTB Hopper Coach

We all seek progression in our mountain bike skills. This portable ramp can help mountain bikers practice their jumping skills at home or any open area. The adjustable height can offer challenges for beginners to advanced riders. Perhaps the only thing better for learning to jump would be an actual clinic with the Ninjas themselves.

Photo: Sam James

19. SKS Flap Guard

A little mud is inevitable for the mountain biker who has to get their ride in no matter the temperature or season. A simple MTB front fender can keep the dirt and grit out of our eyes (and fork) on damp, wet rides.

  • Price: $16.99
  • Available at Amazon

20. Five Ten Freerider Pro Breast Cancer Awareness Shoe

This special edition Freerider Pro flat pedal mountain bike shoe has everything going for it. The classic sticky Stealth rubber, the poppin’ pink boobie doodles, and the best part, with every product purchase from Adidas Breast Cancer Awareness Collection thru Nov 30, 2022 $15 is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

21. Pearl Izumi Prospect Thermal Jogger

Pedaling is hard. Apres-ride these comfy joggers with a brushed fleece interior are warm and snuggly. Plus, they move well enough for casual rides and other cool-weather outdoor activities.

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