The Muc-Off Pressure Washer Bathes Bikes Quickly [Review]

Get you whip washed without touching it, thanks to Muc-Off's bike specific pressure washer.
muc-off pressure washer bike cleaner

What makes a pressure washer bike-specific? It sounds a little like a tree trunk specific chainsaw, or a hunger-specific pizza.

The primary distinction between Muc-Off’s Bicycle Pressure Washer and other electrified water sprayers is its adjustable pressure. The bike specific pressure lance sprays a pressure lower than the garden hose running into it, and that low-pressure water is funneled into a precise fan that can easily be pointed directly into the muck. The higher pressure wand works well to get all of the dirt out of from between your tire lugs, and any other areas that don’t include bearings or bushings.

muc-off pressure washing kit bag
The hand carrying bag has pockets for all of the lances, hose, and any brushes you may need.

What’s In the Muc-Off Pressure Washing Kit

The full Muc-Off pressure washing kit includes a dry bag, a coiled lance hose, three lances with different levels of pressure, a Snow Foam lance for blowing soap suds all over the place, 1L of mixed soap, and a second liter of concentrated cleaner.

Each of the hoses and lances attaches to the pressure washer’s main body via a series of quick-release mechanisms that are simple to operate with waterproof gloves on. The sturdy plastics Muc-Off used to hold the wands together feel like they will last a long while, and none of them have leaked a drop in the driveway thus far.

The soil around Turin is largely made up of poorly draining clay, and puddles linger long after the trails are dry. No matter how much we work on the drainage lines, the shade will forever hide mud to splash through. Our bikes are always dirty and could be washed after every ride — if only time allowed.

How to Clean Your Bike with the Muc-Off Pressure Washer

Muc-Off’s biodegradable Nanotech Bike Cleaner helps speed up the process of bike preening considerably. According to Muc-Off, the cleaning solution “contains revolutionary Nano Technology that breaks down dirt and grime on microscopic levels, while also caring for your bike’s delicate finish.” It’s safe on all bike surfaces, including those finicky disc rotors.

Simply spray the bulky mud off your bike, cover it in soap suds with the Snow Foam Lance, wait a minute for the foam to do its work while you wash the rest of your riding gear, then rinse the bike off. The Nanotech Bike Cleaner solution removes about 95% of the gunk from my bike, and I don’t have to take off my gloves in the process. For tougher chunks of goo, like slug guts or tire sealant, I wait for the bike to dry off and clean those bits in the comfort of my basement.

muc-off low pressure bike lance

The low pressure Bike Lance allows you to get up close in areas that need more focused cleaning, without destroying the greasy bits inside, while the 1200w electric motor and Motorcycle Lance will blow all the soil chunks out of your tires.

Tight linkages like the DW-Link on this Ibis Mojo HD5 can easily be shined up like new with the precise pressure lances, and you don’t have to freeze your fingers to manipulate a toothbrush between the frame components.


If you love the look of a clean bike, but don’t have time to scrub every millimeter of your frame after rides, the Muc-Off pressure washer was designed precisely with you in mind. You will need an outdoor power outlet, and a garden hose with a little pressure to fill it up. It is not the quietest machine in the world, so maybe wait to wash your bikes until after all of your neighbors have had a cup of coffee.

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