40 Cheap-ish Amazon Finds That Every Mountain Biker Needs

Some of these Amazon bike items are helpful, some are fun or tasty, and they are all under $30.

These products are sure to make a mountain biker’s day! The Singletracks team has used most of these products regularly and it’s been money well spent. Some items are helpful, even borderline genius, and some are fun or tasty, and they are all under $30.

Topeak Versa Mounts Let You Add a Bottle Cage to Almost Any Frame, photo: Jeff Barber

Mountain Bike Accessories

A pair of side loading water bottle cages for small frames ($19.99 sale: $17.45)

A super bright rechargeable blinky light for night rides ($22.97)

A bike bell so you can be nice and say hi! ($14.38, sale: $13.49)

One of our favorite handlebar grips available in a rainbow of colors ($25.95)

A stem cap ($15) and valve stem covers ($10) to complete that oil-slick look

A front fender to keep mud out of your eyes ($16.99)

Clear frame protection to keep your bike scratch-free ($20.49)

Holographic bar tape so bright it can probably be seen from space ($20)

Versatile frame mounts for cages, tools, and more ($11.95)

Reflective stickers for your bike frame, and for fun ($8)

This trusty tool roll is ready for when a mechanical strikes, photo: Matt Miller

For Trail Emergencies

A simple frame strap to carry a spare tube ($9.87)

A compact tool roll for corralling your emergency supplies and all the small bits below ($25)

Spare SPD cleats ($14.99) and quick link ($12.78 for 2, note: these are chain-specific)

A tire plug kit with bacon-like plugs ($10)

A quality chain tool you hopefully won’t need to use ($17.29, sale: $13.66)

A trail pal that keeps your flat kit organized ($27, sale: $17)

A dental pick is a game changer, photo: Matt Miller

For the Garage

Check your chain, it’s cheaper and easier to replace a chain rather than a cassette ($10.95)

An easy-to-use sealant injector so you can finally run tubeless tires ($9.99)

Extra valve cores in case you bend or break yours and caps for the times you lose them ($8.99)

General purpose grease for installing new parts ($11.13)

No slip Fiber grip for carbon parts like your seatpost ($7.99)

One spoke wrench with three sizes ($10.95)

This pink cleaner is way better at cleaning your bike than dishwashing soap ($16.99)

Floss your teeth, because a toothbrush can’t do it all ($7.99)

Dental picks for internal cable routing, of course

Rim tape for a super satisfying DIY seal ($21.95 for 30mm)

The world’s smallest bike rack that mounts to a wall ($25.95 for MTB XL)

Singletracks readers’ favorite lube ($11.39, sale: $9.70)

This book goes beyond the mustache and deep into the mind of Calvin Jones ($29.95)

Swiftwick Pursuit socks, photo: Jamieelee Garcia

Just for You

The smooth salve your bum needs on longer rides ($26.20)

Socks that wick and sport your favorite national park ($21.99)

Sweet waffles that are great on the bike or anytime

An insulated water bottle with cookies on it (or maybe a cookie bottle?) ($16.00)

Add one packet of this to your water bottle on extra sweaty rides ($23.99)

This hard core workout that you’ll feel all over ($10.51)

Or try this sneaky core exercise ($16.49)

A truly multi-tasking tube in merino ($29) or another lightweight option with lots of colors for all your friends ($14.99)