Best Mountain Bike Gifts Under $50

best mountain bike gifts under $50

What’s more impressive than a cool mountain bike gift that you didn’t have to spend a lot of money on? Absolutely nothing! These are the best MTB gifts under $50 for that special mountain biker in your life.

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mtb gifts handup gloves
Handup Most Days Gloves – Lost in the Sauce

1. Handup Gloves

Handup Most Days Gloves are everyday mountain bike gloves that are full of personality. Feeling shreddy or stoked, rowdy or chill, or so thirsty you could drink a Pabst — there’s a Handup glove for that. New designs and collabs come out often and include youth sizes and cold-weather styles.

mtb gifts tifosi swank

2. Tifosi Swank Sunglasses

The Tifosi Swank is an affordable pair of lifestyle sunglasses that come in dozens of frame and lens options like smoke, blue, red, yellow, and brown — plus photochromic and polarized lenses for an additional cost. Running, mountain biking, walking the dog, the Swank fits any active lifestyle. These sunglasses work well on small to medium faces and the slightly larger Swank XL, you guessed it, fits medium to XL faces.

mtb gifts kom saddle roll
Photo: Matt Miller

3. KOM Cycling Saddle Roll

Let the bike do the work. And that includes carrying all my extra stuff, amirite? You’re either team (bouncy) saddle bag or team saddle roll. We’re going with this saddle roll from KOM Cycling since it keeps things like a spare tube, tire lever, snack and mini tool tidy and secure.

  • Price: $39.99 ($29.99 on sale)
  • Available at Amazon
mtb gifts knog bell
Photo: Matt Miller

4. Knog Oi Bell

Crowded multi-use trails are here to stay. Don’t be that jerk trying to PR the 1.5-mile beginner trail on Saturday morning by weaving in and out of people and riding everyone’s rear tire. No need to be shouty or aggressive, let your presence be known with a bell. Or even a polite ‘Hi!’ will do the trick.

mtb gifts pnw multi-tool

5. PNW Components Pebble Multi-Tool

There are a ton of multi-tools out there, but the PNW Pebble tool strips things down to just the basic bits you might need on the trail: 3/4/5/6 mm hex keys, a T25 Torx, and a Dynaplug® accessory. It’s small enough to stash nearly anywhere and shiny enough not to lose.

  • Price: $37 (four colors, shown in Fruit Snacks)
  • Available at Amazon

6. Cognative MTB Lifestyle T-shirts

These fun lifestyle mountain biking shirts seriously capture and spread the stoke! Many of the designs are also available on technical apparel like jerseys and gloves, too. Bonus: with every purchase, Cognative MTB gives 2% back to the trails!

orucase smuggler handlebar bag gift guide

7. Orucase Smuggler

Who needs a backpack or hip pack when you can carry the essentials in a handy handlebar bag? The Smuggler is pretty compact but ideal for quick access items like your phone or fruit snacks.

  • Price: $44 (8 colors available)
  • Available at Orucase

mtb gifts oury lock-on grips
Photo: Jeff Barber

8. Oury V2 Single Clamp Lock-on Grips

The Oury V2 Single Clamp grips work great for riders with large hands, and for riding gloveless, even on sweaty days, we haven’t found a better grip. With a lock ring on just one side, these are quick and easy to install and despite all that chunky rubber, they’re reasonably lightweight too.

polar water bottle ugly sweater gift guide

9. Polar Bottle Ugly Sweater Collection

These insulated water bottles are full of holiday cheer! Fill them with whatever liquid fuel you choose, and the mini 12oz bottles aren’t just for kids and XS frames; we are totally stashing Hershey Kisses in them, you know, for trail emergencies.

  • Price: $13 – $15 (12oz – 24oz)
  • Available from Polar Bottle

mtb gifts kids book etiquette

10. Etiquette is a Big Word

This 35-page illustrated book about mountain bike etiquette is aimed at helping the younger generation of riders take part in the mountain bike community. It’s actually a fun read for adults and seasoned mountain bikers too, with a lot of applicable life lessons learned through mountain biking.

  • Price: $19.99
  • Available from Amazon

11. Ryder Slug Plug Tubeless Repair Kit

Just cuz you’re running tubeless doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Take care of those pesky trail bites with this small yet essential plugger tool for about ten bucks. If you’re not sure what to do with the included bacon-like strips, read how to plug a hole in a bike tire.

12. Ibex Merino Neck Gaiter

This 100% merino wool neck gaiter is so lightweight and cozy. Honestly, we were surprised how un-wool this feels, with virtually zero scratchiness or heaviness. The silky and stretchy fabric is comfortable to wear as a simple scarf or as a breathable mask. This is truly a piece that will last a long time and look great most seasons on and off the bike.

  • Price: $42
  • Available at Ibex

arcade belts holiday gift guide

13. Arcade Adventure Belt

Now here’s a classy gift that’s not too classy. These stretchy belts are made for all kinds of outdoor adventure. They’ll keep your pants up and add a touch of flair to your black mountain bike shorts.

chrome bag gift guide gravel mtb

14. Chrome Doubletrack Feed bag

Oh, the Smuggler is too small for all the snacks you need to bring? Well, this feed bag from Chrome has ample room for snacks plus a water bottle. Fits nearly any kind of bike!

  • Price: $50
  • Available at Chrome
vhs slapper tape bike gift guide

15. VHS 2.0 Slapper Tape

We love a clever and useful gift like this chain slapper tape from Velocity Hucking Systems. Gen Z may not fully appreciate the play on words, but everyone will find the protection and quiet downhill runs most excellent.

  • Price: $32 – $35 (7 colors available)
  • Available at Amazon

16. Tubolito Tubes

Tubolito claims these little orange bicycle tubes are 2x stronger than conventional innertubes, and weigh 66% less. These tubes cost significantly more than a basic rubber tube but there’s noticable weight savings when carrying one as a spare on every ride. Available for gravel, e-bikes, and road bikes, too.

  • Price: $30 – $40
  • Available at Amazon
mtb gift guide kids board game
Rio MacDonald, game creator; photo: LiftsAndRuns store via Etsy

17. Lifts & Trails Board Game

Here’s a special game for Family Game Night! The illustrations of the shuttles, jumps, and snowcapped mountains will have you counting down the days ’til Opening Day at Whistler.

  • Price: $27.04
  • Available at Etsy

18. American Classic Basanite Tire

The cost of mountain bike tires can add up during the season, especially for those who are prone to pinch flats. The American Classic Basanite tire is a solid choice and the price is right at just $50 a pop. Oops, bad choice of words.

19. 7Mesh Women’s Foundation Brief

No more large diapers on your rear. The foundation brief from 7mesh is designed to wear under casual clothing, and transitions perfectly from riding to any other activity, no need to change right away. The foundation brief contains minimal padding that is perfect for those who only want a little cushion and a less soggy post ride bum.

20. Chamois Butt’r Ultra Anti-Chafe Balm

This new type of chamois cream is intended to make those longer rides more comfortable in the saddle. If the idea of squishy lotions down there makes you cringe, you might prefer firmer balm containing natural skin-friendly ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter.

21. Singletracks Logo Hat

Give your favorite riding buddy this classy Singletracks trucker hat, and get one for yourself too! Thanks for supporting Singletracks!

This article contains sponsored products and Singletracks staff-selected products.