Holiday Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers: Repurposed Bike Parts

Bikes and their parts come and go faster than a new wheel size, but some savvy folks have taken the recycling of bike bits to another level, and many make great gifts.
Photos clockwise from top-left: VictoryDesignStore, Winterwomandesigns, KadenandKai

Think back to the most meaningful gift you’ve ever received. Did you love it because it was the newest thing or because someone put real effort into selecting just the right thing? Maybe you loved it because it was a new mountain bike, in that instance, we don’t blame you. Usually though, the best gifts are personal. It’s almost as if the giver knew the moment they saw it, that you would love it, and they were right. This year maybe handmade, repurposed bike gear could be the perfect gift!

Photo: EagleWingArts, Etsy Seller

Recycled Bike Chain Ornament

Spruce up your spruce with a subtle, yet timeliness ornament made from upcycled bike chains. Available in silver, gold, red and copper, these miniature stars are perfect for the Christmas decoration lovers in your life. No Christmas tree, no problem. These decorations can also be hung on doors, walls, or wherever nails are available. At the affordable price of $9, what’s not to love?

Photo: NightWeaverCreations, Etsy Seller

Repurposed Bike Chain + Chord Bracelets

Remember friendship bracelets? These are like that, only for adult friends who love biking. Show the mountain bikers in your life how much you appreciate them by personalizing these vibrant bike chain paracord bracelets. Hell, get one for your whole crew! Select the perfect flavor from over 50 colors, and engrave the link with initials, or whatever you want (that can fit on a bike chain link). At the very least these bracelets are a conversation piece and a special piece of jewelry that everyone will love. Bike chord bracelets range in price from $15-19, why not buy one for yourself too?

Photo: VictoryDesignStore, Etsy Seller

Bike Wall Clock

When is it not time to ride? Think of the upcycled bike clocks from VictoryDesignStore, as a friendly reminder to get outside and enjoy the day. Snowing? Grab that fat bike and sleighride! There are many repurposed mountain bike clocks out there, but these are left unpainted and raw, unique and special just like your trusty steed. Prices ranges from $35 – $63 depending on model, and they have other upcycled bicycle home decor options as well.

Photo: VeloCulture, Etsy Seller

Inner Tube Wallets and Coin Pouches

Since tubeless went viral, many companies, including VeloCulture, have found an alternative to throwing away useless rubbers; wallets and pouches, oh my! The VeloCulture Cake Stop Caddy ($11.78) is perfect for the minimalist wallet carrier, you know the one; credit cards and ID only. The Penny Pincher Purse coin pouches ($13.90) can double as a pouch for small parts ‘n things you might want to organize in your hip back or backpack. No matter which way you slice it, you’re keeping tubes out of the landfill and everyone can feel good about that.

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Recycled Bike Tube Laptop Sleeve

Recycled bicycle tubes really can do it all! These laptop sleeves are constructed using recycled bicycle tube and fabric reinforced tarpaulin. Due the nature of recycled materials, each piece is one of a kind and the sleeves are customizable to the exact measurements of your personal laptop, or the laptop of your friend or family member. Each sleeve costs $59 and the artisan, ARTHURKOPF, has many other recycled bicycle goodies on their site as well.

Photo: ExyPrint, Etsy Seller

3D-Printed Pedal Earrings

You’ve seen mountain bike earrings made with chain links and inner tubes, but have you ever worn pedals on your ears? Check out these 3D printed miniature pedal ear treasures!

Give the gift of standing out, or blending in because these beauties can be worn for any occasion from dirtbag parking lot party to fancy night on the town. The creator, ExyPrint even suggestions wearing multiple colors at once (great idea, by the way). At the extremely affordable price of $10 (for two pairs!) we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to swing a mix and match palate for your loved ones this season. Technically, they earrings aren’t recycled, however they’re so unique we simply couldn’t leave them out.

Photo: Winterwomandesigns, Etsy Seller

Recycled Wheel Rim Plant Hanger

Well this plant holder from Winterwomandesigns sure is cute and handy, isn’t it? A perfectly simple gift for the minimalist plant lover in your life. This recycled/upcycled bike chain plant holder is a twofer; meant for showcasing what’s important in life, plants and bikes. Just add a small potted plant and with the holder costing just $29, you can easily procure a lovely gift under $50 for a mountain biker or plant lover.

Photo: bikefurniture, Etsy seller

Reused Bicycle Part Table

Behold: a coffee table so chic that only your coolest friends will notice it’s made from recycled aluminum bicycle rims that are crafted into a functional work of art. Designed by artist Andy Gregg, this piece can be used as a coffee table, end table or bedroom night stand. Each table is made to order and takes 3-4 weeks to assemble, so order early. The table measures 18″ high with a 27″ diameter and starts at $475 from bikefurniture.

Photos: KadenandKai, Etsy Seller

Upcycled Bicycle Tube Bracelets

Never let your arms be naked again by adorning your wrists with these simple, yet stylish bracelets made by KadenandKai. Each bracelet is made from recycled tube and range in design from geometric to whimsical, all with minimalistic flair. Warning: Rubber is pretty tough so “never taking these off” is a very real possibility. Bracelet and necklaces (!) range in price from $22-$44.

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Photo: TinkeringCyclist, Etsy Seller

Recycled Bike Chain & Cog Coaster

Crack open your favorite post ride libation and protect your table with these unique steampunk style recycled bike chain/cog coasters. Each coaster by the TinkeringCyclist costs $15, and ranges in size depending on the size of sprocket used (standard from 3.25″-3.75″).

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