Holiday Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers: Repurposed Bike Parts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… again. And again, another holiday season will pass where, despite your best intentions, your mountain bike-related gift will be met with forced smiles, obligatory gratitude, and half-hearted attempts to use it. You’ve seen the way your significant other (SO) shops their mountain bike gear: weighing it in grams, measuring it in millimeters, and not even wincing at the price tag when the difference between what they have now and the one your spouse wants falls in the single digits. He or she already has two helmets, three pairs of shoes, stems in every length, and a bin full of tires dedicated for every condition and season. (sigh) Your SO has everything… until now!

Bikes and their parts come and go faster than a new wheel size, but some savvy folks have taken the recycling of old, new, and outdated bike pieces to another level, giving you the perfect opportunity to give the biker who has everything something he or she definitely doesn’t have–repurposed bike stuff!

Bike Chair

bike chair
All photos courtesy of the respective vendors

Give your little mountain bike lover a break! Give her something to kick back in and reflect on a day of epic dirt. Get her something to sit on besides that bolted-on ass-splitting wedge. Get her the Vector Lounge Chair from The Vector’s frame is constructed of aluminum or steel bicycle rims and is available with custom padded vinyl cushions in a choice of colors, and with or without inner tube upholstery. The rims serve as arm rests, and can be fitted with a mountain bike tire or with inner-tubes.

Starting at $550

Bike Chain Cuff Link

cuff link


Here’s your chance to spruce up your dirtbag biker beau and let him take his bike to a night on the town, his next job interview, or your wedding. Too much? Well, at least he can take a chain link with the Cuff Link from SpokeNstitch. Part traditional cuff link, part bike chain, and all good. Choose from KMC, Shimano, SRAM, and more. The links are reclaimed, soldered, and shipped from Toronto, Canada to select countries.

Starting at $14.95

Cassette Clock

cassette clock

When is it not time to ride? Think of the cassette clock from pixelthis, a friendly reminder of when to stop lubing his bike bits and get back in here and unload the dishwasher already! There’s a bunch of these repurposed cassette clocks out there, but this particular one I find the most striking. Plus, if you’re ever in a pinch, just rip it off the wall and throw it on your bike. Is that 11-speed?

Starting at $29

Inner Tube Wallet


Since tubeless went viral, Moab Bike Co. found themselves a nice little niche in making wallets out of the useless rubbers. I actually ran into Brandy, owner of the company, down in Moab a couple years ago, and picked one up for myself, and have since one-upped her by repurposing the repurposed tube wallet as a pouch for small parts while riding. All wallets are assembled with actual used tubes, and some even feature patches from previous owners.

Starting at $12

Bike Wheel Table

il_fullxfull.632132843_w7qlRepurposed bike wheel tables are a dime a dozen, so I focused on a cheaper offering from UpCyling4ACause. Unfortunately, shipping can get a little tricky for an awkward-shaped piece like this, but if you’re interested, do get in touch with them. The other question: What cause? Well, 50% of all sales go to support the hosting fees for Eastern European orphans through New Horizons for Children. Double whammy when your purchase of recycled goods goes on to help those in need.


Bike Chain Bowl


Not like you’re going to be chowing down on Captain Crunch with the chain bowl from MarksRecycledBicycle, but they have been thoroughly cleaned, sandblasted, clear coated and welded (not soldered) together, so they are extra strong. Only ships to the U.S.


Bike Lamp


This might be my favorite handmade repurposed bike gift. The bike lamp is made by Winterwomandesigns from what appears to be a seat tube (with the bottle cage mounts no less!) and chain rings mounted on a slab of cherry wood. And for the weight weenies, it’s carbon, too.


Bike Art


She said she wanted a new bike and with this little gem from TheBikeFund, she can’t say you didn’t get her what she wanted. This bike sculpture measures 14″h x 19″w and is made of bike chain, redwood, and copper wiring. All of the redwood slats are attached to a piece of plywood. As with many of the items on this list, supplies are limited, but I’m sure if you raided the garage you could find everything you need to fashion some bike art of your own.

Bike Chain Chandelier

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 8.51.12 PM

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga (Caro), does not take her creativity lightly. Well, except for the fact she makes chandeliers out of used bike parts. Within a 50 mile radius from Los Angeles, Caro sources used bike material from at least 60 different shops to make her chained creations. For pricing, you must contact her, but you might want to tap into your own creativity as she is occasionally willing to barter in exchange. Case in point, she traded one of her chandeliers for a 2-year membership at a yoga studio.

Inquire for pricing

Valve Stem Key Rack

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 8.55.13 PM

Finally, get something you can both use–a key rack made out of valve stems. Now you could go here and buy it, but again, I see no harm in raiding the old inner tube pile, cutting out the stems, and punching them through a wood surface covered in the very tube you mutilated. Just don’t mount a presta!

26 €

If you’re looking for a gift for your mountain biking loved one, unless they actually spell it out for you exactly what is wanted, you are going to fail miserably. Surprise him or her with something truly unique by tapping into the world of recycled, repurposed, and reusable bike stuff.

Happy Holidays!

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