Killing of Well-Known Mountain Biker near Monument, CO Under Investigation

On September 14th, Tim Watkins, a popular, longstanding member of the southern Colorado mountain bike community, set out to ride one of his hometown trails near the small town of Monument, just north of Colorado Springs. As the day wore on and he didn’t return, concern grew, and he was eventually reported missing. A search …

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Mondraker Mountain Bikes Coming to the USA

Spanish mountain bike brand Mondraker is partnering with QARV Imports to bring its line of DH, enduro, Trail, XC, and electric mountain bikes to the USA starting in November. The companies say the bikes will be available at select brick-and-mortar shops, with no mention of online distribution. According to the press release, Mondraker is best known …

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Watch: Mads “Makken” Haugen Rips Down Insanely Steep and Chunky Besseggen Ridgeline in Norway

In case you missed it, watch as freerider Mads “Makken” Haugen seems to effortlessly descend one of the steepest and rockiest trails in Norway: the Besseggen Ridgeline. After that, watch Makken’s latest video from this summer (below), where he and his dog tackle Geiranger Fjord. Just look at how fast and precise his cornering is!

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Listen: Ultra Endurance Record Holder Eddie O’Dea Shares His Bikepacking Tips

In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, ultra-endurance mountain bike racer and record holder Eddie O’Dea talks about what it takes to be a bikepacking champion. (Hint: it involves staying awake for long periods of time.) Eddie holds course records in the Stage Coach 400, Trans North Georgia, and Huracan 300 ultra endurance mountain bike races, …

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Watch: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Carbon Fiber

  Carbon Fiber manufacturing is a labour intensive process that can produce lightweight, complex frames with many different combinations of attributes desirable for bicycles. What is a carbon Fiber? A Carbon fiber is a long strand of material made from carbon atoms. Thousands of these are spun together to make a yarn, which are then …

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