Microadventure Bikepacking: How to Tackle a Simple Overnighter

Enjoying Packsaddle Lake all to myself in the Big Hole Mountains

“Microadventure.” The word sounds contradictory. Originally coined by Alastair Humphreys, the word challenges the idea that “adventures” must consist of many days, and require travel and time off work. A microadventure can simply take place between when work ends and when you start the next day. Day trips are great, but a microadventure ideally includes …

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Terrene Chunk Plus Tire Review


Given their high turnover rate, ability to boost your bike’s performance at a relatively low cost, and ever-widening wheels, if there’s one thing I won’t hate on, it’s more tire options! And the list doesn’t just end there, as varying tread patterns, casings, compounds, and other tire characteristics would continue to keep us interested, if …

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Watch: Whitefish. Proven Here.


As mountain bikers it is our nature to explore and get lost in the woods in search of the next prime stretch of singletrack. Riding in Whitefish and the surrounding Flathead Forrest of Montana, there are opportunities abound for us to fulfill this inner desire. Whitefish Mountain is the hub of riding activity with purpose …

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