The New Bell Super 3R Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet – Reviewed


Mountain bike helmets may not be all that exciting, but we all know they’re important–arguably the most important article of riding apparel. All full face mountain bike helmets must meet certain safety standards, but some lids certainly stand out in terms of their comfort, versatility, and added safety benefits. The Bell Super 3R is an …

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IMBA Announces New US National Enduro Race Series


IMBA recently announced title sponsorship for a new US-based, national enduro race series, titled, appropriately enough, the IMBA National Enduro Series. The new series will include 6 stops, with racers vying for a national title based on points accrued during the series. The total prize purse for the series is expected to be $12,000, with equal …

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Watch: HT T1 Clipless Pedal Review


Each pair comes with two different sets of cleats, 4 degrees and 8 degrees of float, to allow you to get the feel you like in the pedal. The retention system these cleats clip in to is very similar to a Shimano SPD pedal, but there is one major difference.  The HT retention system has a much …

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Watch: Elements of Victory


Of all the events we attend every year, nothing makes us quite as proud as BC Bike Race. A seven-day international stage race, it’s amazing to see so many people from all over the world enjoying our backyard’s choicest trails. It’s a tour of British Columbia’s rugged coast, and some of the world’s most challenging …

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