The Canyon Neuron:ONfly Is the Brand’s First Lightweight eMTB

The Canyon Neuron:ONfly is the brand's first lightweight eMTB which they claim provides a totally unique ride style.
Photos: Canyon

Canyon has just announced their first lightweight eMTB: the Neuron:ONfly. The lightweight yet powerful ONfly fits into the center of the Neuron line. The “Neuron” is the human-powered version of the 140mm travel 29er with the “Neuron:ON” as the full-bore e-bike version. 

Despite weighing dramatically less than the Neuron:ON, the new Neuron:ONfly is more than just another featherweight eMTB offering. The new Neuron:ONfly “pairs a cutting-edge carbon chassis with Bosch’s recently launched Performance Line SX drive system for 55Nm of torque and 600W of power,” according to Canyon. Canyon is quick to note that the new Bosch SX powertrain delivers the same max power as its big brother, the Bosch CX drivetrain. The difference, instead, is in the torque—the motor requires a higher pedaling cadence to reach its maximum power level. Here’s how they explain it:

One of the most important characteristics of this motor is that the modulation does not increase by leaps and bounds, but progressively instead. On gravel roads, the support feels comfortable, like you’re riding with a tailwind. When you turn onto the trail and sprint towards the summit, the engine ramps up its power and reacts sensitively and directly to your input.

Canyon claims that this makes the Neuron:ONfly not just another lightweight eMTB, but rather a new breed of e-bike entirely. The Neuron:ONfly rewards a high cadence with increasing power, which more accurately mimics the ride qualities of a human-powered mountain bike.

The SX motor drops 900g compared to the larger CX unit, and the 400WH battery drops 2-3kg compared to the Neuron:ON, depending on the battery size you compare it to. Even so, this smaller battery will still take you places—the new design boasts “the highest energy density of all Bosch e-bike batteries.” Canyon claims you can climb a whopping 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) of vert on a single charge, even in turbo mode.

If that’s not enough range for your planned ride, the Neuron:ONfly is fully compatible with Bosch’s PowerMore 250WH range extender, which attaches to the frame where you might otherwise store a water bottle. The connection looks seamless, with a weather-protected charging port. This detachable expansion pack essentially allows you to tailor the battery capacity of your bike to the length of your expected ride. Still, touting the range extender integration on a bike that’s specifically designed to cut weight primarily through reducing its battery size is ironic.


The Neuron:ONfly is offered in five sizes, ranging from XS to XL. Canyon took special care when designing the XS size for shorter riders. While the XS bike still rolls on 29″ wheels, Canyon reduced the suspension travel by 10mm, to 130mm front and rear. They claim this suspension reduction “keeps the proportions between bike and rider spot on.” It also allows them to use a smaller 210x50mm shock.

All frame sizes sport a 64.5° head tube angle, 76.5° seat tube angle, and 450mm chainstays. The size-medium frame features a 460mm reach and 635mm stack height.

Build Kit

While the Neuron:ONfly is technically going to be available in four different variants, only one will be sold in the USA: the CF 7, with an MSRP of $5,499.

The CF 7 is the most affordable of the four build kits and is specced with a Shimano Deore drivetrain, SRAM Code R brakes, and a 140mm RockShox Pike Base fork and 140mm RockShox Deluxe Select+ shock. (Again, the XS features 130mm of suspension front and rear.)

Total claimed weight for the CF 7 is 45lb, or 48.25lb with the 250WH range extender. Compare that to a claimed weight of 51.6lb for the full-zed Neuron:ON CF 7.

The new Neuron:ONfly is available immediately on