The RockShox Psylo Fork is a More Affordable Lyrik Alternative

The RockShox Psylo suspension fork is designed to be a more affordable option for trail bikes and eMTBs and features the new Isolator RC damper.
RockShox Psylo mountain bike fork in action
All photos provided by RockShox.

The RockShox Psylo suspension fork is back with new and updated tech and a compelling price tag. Offered in 27.5″ and 29″ versions and with travel amounts ranging from 130-160mm, the Psylo is targeting trail bikes and eMTBs too.

RockShox Psylo key specs

  • 130-160mm travel, available in 10mm increments
  • Weight: 2320g (160mm travel, 44mm offset)
  • 27.5″ and 29″ versions available
  • Isolator RC damper and Debonair air spring
  • Fender included
  • Price: $539
  • Buy from RockShox retailers

With the (re)launch of the Psylo, RockShox has a new damper, the Isolator RC. The three-position damper includes externally adjustable rebound which is a nice feature to have at this price point. RockShox says the Isolator RC “utilizes a shim-based, spring-backed Internal Floating Piston (IFP) damper to give riders a consistent and predictable feel throughout its entire travel.” The brand continues:

The Isolator damper’s IFP design keeps air and oil from mixing, resulting in unparalleled responsiveness on impact and enhanced consistency throughout the range of travel. The all-new Rebound Piston manages oil flow on both the compression and rebound stroke, using shim stacks on the underside of the piston to control the oil flow rate in both directions. The Rebound Piston uses a dual- flow rebound circuit that features a responsive easy-flow path for traction in the tech and a hard-flow path that engages when you’re deep in travel for more control. All of this means the front wheel can track through any feature the trail may throw at it while providing predictability and reducing harshness. And… taking another cue from Charger 3, the trick up its sleeve is just how quiet it is.

Like the Lyrik and Pike trail forks, the RockShox Psylo utilizes 35mm diameter stanchions. The Psylo comes with a short fender and attaches uses built-in mounts. RockShox notes the fork also features premium bushings and includes the updated Debonair Air spring.

RockShox Psylo mountain bike fork damper

There are three versions of the RockShox Psylo, though only the Gold RC version will be available aftermarket. (We expect to see the Psylo Silver RC and R forks on lower to mid-range builds from various bike brands soon.) Weighing 2,320g, the Psylo isn’t lightweight by any means but should offer a decent level of performance for the price.

RockShox Psylo mountain bike fork fender

In addition to the Psylo, RockShox has also updated their Rudy gravel fork and Domain enduro fork.