Cane Creek Inverted Gravel Suspension Fork Weighs Just 990g

The Cane Creek Invert is an upside down gravel suspension fork that's lightweight and simple to operate.
Cane Creek Invert gravel suspension fork
Photos provided by Cane Creek.

The new Cane Creek Invert is a lightweight suspension fork designed for gravel bikes, and the North Carolina based brand has made some interesting performance and aesthetic design choices.

Cane Creek Invert fork key specs

  • Weight: 990g for the SL version, 1113g for the CS version
  • Suspension travel: 30mm for the SL version, 40mm for the CS version
  • Tire clearance: 700x50c
  • Price: $1,099 (SL) and $1,199 (CS)
  • Available summer 2024, preorder at Performance Bike

Starting with the biggest design choice of them all, the Cane Creek Invert is an inverted fork; that is, the stanchions are located at the bottom of the fork, closest to the axle. There are some solid reasons for going inverted — the design reduces unsprung weight, keeps the oil flowing while allowing lets less crud inside, and provides more tire clearance at the top of the fork. However it should be noted that brands like Rock Shox that have experimented with lightweight inverted forks are no longer offering them.

The Invert gravel suspension fork utilizes an air spring and will be offered in two different versions. The Invert SL is the lighter version, weighing 990g and offering 30mm of travel. The Invert CS is a bit heavier at 1113g but adds a climb switch and an extra 10mm of travel for 40mm of squish. The climb switch on the Invert CS is in fact a button that’s said to click like a pen.

Both versions of the Cane Creek Invert utilize a carbon steerer and crown. A press release from the brand suggests that they considered aesthetics in addition to weight and performance to ensure the Invert is a gravel-looking fork.

How it compares to the competition

Fox and Rock Shox offer gravel suspension forks, though both are heavier than the Cane Creek Invert. The Fox 32 TC weighs about 1214g, though the fork offers a bit more travel with 40mm and 50mm versions available. The Rock Shox Rudy also weighs north of 1200g and is offered in similar travel amounts to the Invert, 30mm and 40mm. Like the Cane Creek fork, both the Fox and Rock Shox gravel forks boast clearance for 700x50c tires.

Look for the Cane Creek Invert fork to be available this summer.