79 Trails in Salt Lake City, Utah

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Crazy Eights (Glenwild) 0.6 Park City
Ricochet (The Canyons Area) 2.6 Park City
Skyline Trail (Red Butte Creek Trails) 1.2 Salt Lake City
NSL to Ensign Peak (Bonneville Shoreline) 6.0 North Salt Lake
Morris Resevoir Trail (Morris Reservoir and I-Street Bike Park) 0.7 Salt Lake City
Morris Resevoir Road (Morris Reservoir and I-Street Bike Park) 0.2 Salt Lake City
Farmington Canyon 8.0 Farmington
Mine Trail 1.2 Salt Lake City
Zoom (Farmington Canyon) 1.0 Farmington
Fruit Loops outer loop 2.0 Fruit Heights
Jeremy's 24-7 (Glenwild) 1.6 Park City
Alpine Lake (The Canyons Area) 0.6 Park City
Bobsled Trail 1.1 Salt Lake City
Lost Lad 2 Salt Lake City
Dropout (Glenwild) 0.7 Park City
Elephant Head Trail (Antelope Island State Park) 1.5 Syracuse
Fink Again (Glenwild) 0.9 Park City
Germania Outer Loop (Germania Park) 0.7 Murray
Germania Inner Loop Trail (Germania Park) 0.4 Murray
Glenwild Loop (Glenwild) 5.5 Park City
Gold Finger 0.6 Park City
HT of Mid-Mountain 2.9 Park City
Iron Man 2.4 Park City
Lake Side Trail (Antelope Island State Park) 3.0 Syracuse
Lower Corner Canyon Trail (Corner Canyon Trail) 0.6 Draper
Mill D North 4.1 Solitude
BYOB (Utah Olympic Park) 0.6 Park City
Silver Springs 9.0 Park City
Parrish Creek 4.9 Bountiful
Valley View Trail (Morris Reservoir and I-Street Bike Park) 1.0 Salt Lake City
Split Rock (Antelope Island State Park) 3.4 Syracuse
Team Cutthroat (Glenwild) 0.3 Park City
Graduate (Glenwild) 0.7 Park City
Stealth (Glenwild) Easiest 4.1 **** Park City
Poison Creek Easiest 5.0 ** Park City
Mill Creek Pipeline Beginner 7.4 **** Salt Lake City
Daly Grind (Deer Valley Resort Bike Park) Beginner 1.0 *** Park City
Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Layton Section (Bonneville Shoreline) Beginner 6.0 *** Layton
Little Cottonwood Pipeline Beginner 6.0 *** Salt Lake City
Glenwild Beginner 8.0 *** Park City
Antelope Island Beginner 15.0 *** Ogden
Shadow Lake Trail (Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR)) Intermediate 2.0 *** Park City
Jenni's (Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR)) Intermediate 5.0 ***** Park City
Flying Dog (Glenwild) Intermediate 8.0 **** Park City
Mueller Park Intermediate 13.0 **** Bountiful
Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) Intermediate 100.0 ***** Park City
Corner Canyon Trail Intermediate 5.0 ***** Draper
Mid Mountain Intermediate 18.4 **** Park City
Scott's Bypass (Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR)) Intermediate 1.0 **** Park City
Bst To Equestrian Center Loop Intermediate 10.0 *** Draper