Balance Training for Mountain Biking

There’s a lot more to balance training than trying to track stand or stoppie. Liz Koch from the Ride Life explains the ins and outs of how your body finds balance and how you can train your body and brain to have better balance for mountain biking.

Neck Training for Mountain Bikers: Head Support and Strength

The neck is important for supporting our head during mountain bike rides, and proper strength and posture can make a big difference.

Upper Back Strength Training for Mountain Bikers

For proper control, posture, and breathing on your mountain bike, it’s important to have good upper back mobility and lower back stability.

Master the Hinge: Hip Strength and Exercises for Mountain Bikers

Liz Koch of The Ride Life brings us another video on why hip strength is important for mountain biking and how the hips interact with different positions on the bike.

Core Strength for Mountain Bikers Plus 3 Exercises [Video]

Liz Koch explains how your body’s core works on the mountain bike and offers a few exercises to help us improve in this video.

Why Shoulder Strength is Important for Mountain Bikers, and 3 Exercises to Try [Video]

Liz Koch discusses the importance of shoulder strength in mountain biking and demonstrates a few helpful exercises.

Strengthening your Posterior Chain for Mountain Biking [video]

Liz Koch offers mountain bikers tips for improving overall strength on the bike and preventing or resolving back pain.