Strengthening your Posterior Chain for Mountain Biking [video]

Liz Koch offers mountain bikers tips for improving overall strength on the bike and preventing or resolving back pain.

We recently interviewed Liz Koch to inquire about the variety of reasons that mountain bikers experience hand pain and arm-pump. Koch works as a strength training coach and physical therapist, specifically focusing on the needs of mountain bikers through her online business called The Ride Life.

It became apparent during that first interview that the key area most folks could focus on is core strength, and strengthening the back half of their muscular system, which is also known as the posterior chain. Back pain is up there with wrist soreness on the list of reasons riders become uncomfortable on their bikes. In the following video, Liz answers some questions aimed at the backside of the body, sharing info on how we can improve overall strength on the bike and prevent or resolve back pain.

If you’re interested in a one-on-one MTB strength program, or a general set of exercises based on where your strength currently sits, check out The Ride Life for additional details.