The Good Life

This is flat, short, but fun little trail to access all the other trails in the system. It rides well in both directions.

Beck Lake Trails

This is a nice network of purpose built trails with about 18.5 miles of trails if you add in the pump track in between the lakes and also Red Snake trail and Oasis Loop which are south of the main trail system. Lots of bermed flowy curves and good speed are found throughout the system. …


Pretty easy trail that drops about 60′ in a third of a mile.


This is the most technical trail in the system and is a most do with some nice drops and jumps. You ride across a lot of slabby shelfy rock. It’s short but a lot of fun.

Red Light District

This trail is a combination of doubletrack and singletrack. It makes for a fairly easy climb to the top of the trail system or a blazing fast downhill. It connects with Prickly Pear in the very back of the system. If you connect with the trail here from Prickly Pear, it begins with a steep …

Daily Grind

Nice easy 2.0 mile climb up to the stop of the system. It climbs about 300′ in 2 miles with no technical bits. It is the main access trail up the system on the north and west sides.

Final Approach

Fun, flowy, downhill run with lots of bermed curves and little rollers to catch some air off of. It is not technical, and you can maintain your speed and momentum quite well.


Yet another great mostly downhill run. It is more chunky and technical than Johnny’s G’s, Final Approach or Prickly Pear.

Rock Man

Rock Man is another excellent downhill run in the Beck Lake system.  It is a little more technical in places, but nothing serious.

Johnny’s G’s

Johnny’s G’s is a well-named trail because you can carry a lot of momentum around its abundant, bermed curves. There are also many small jumps to catch some air as you rail down the trail.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear flanks the east side of the Beck Lake Trail System for about 1.9 mi. Going out it is an easy, fairly entertaining climb. It can be used to connect to several other trails in the system. If you use Prickly pear as a return trail, it is a fun, flowy, downhill run with …

Tahoe Mountain Bike Festival

Schedule of events: Saturday, 6/18: Corral Trail Bike Demo Day (register online) Sunday, 6/19 (morning): The Rides: Tahoe Triple Crown or the intermediate Power Loop (register online) Sunday, 6/19 (1-6pm): Tahoe Mountain Bike Festival at Tahoe Paradise Park in Meyers, CA   Sunday’s festival begins at 1pm at Tahoe Paradise Park in Meyers, CA. It’s …