Columbine Loop

This trail offers some switchbacks, fast open single track, downhill, climbing, rock gardens, nice technicals, jumps, great flow and landscape. You will have a choice to go clockwise or counterclockwise.


This 1/3-mile trail is the first phase of a challenging track that tests riders’ skills. Don’t expect flow here, the trail’s rock steps, rock gardens, roots and skinnies are more like puzzles to solve through bike handling, speed control, and wheel lifts. The point is to get through the trail without dabbing. The trail begins …

Coldwater Fat Tire Festival

The Coldwater Mountain Fat Tire Festival is BACK! Join us for the fourth weekend in October for three days of mountain biking, fellowship, good food, and great times. Don’t miss this event!!

XC Trail

Work road, wide, winding, and scenic.